How to use the Premier Rush app to edit videos for your Private Practice.


You’ll know by now how passionate I am about video marketing for Private Practice. Whilst it’s entirely possible to shoot a ‘never stop’ video for your vlog or social media, it’s a good idea to get nifty with some tools that will enable you do a spot of editing or add some branding.


But what if, like me, you’re not a video editor?

The good news is, there are now many apps that are super intuitive to use, that are designed with non-techies in mind.

I’m going to encourage you to consider spending just under £10 a month (£9.98 to be exact), to have access to an awesome video editing tool by Adobe, called Premiere Rush.

Premiere Rush is the cheeky little cousin of the big daddy of video editing software called Premier Pro (think professional video editing software).

The idea of paying a tenner a month might seem a bit steep; after all, you’ve probably seen apps for a couple of squid in your iPhone app store.

The difference is, this app takes all the clever gizmos of the big boy tools and scales them down into something a pre-schooler could suss out.

It’s a fantastic way to finally get around making videos to promote your Practice!


How to use Premier Rush to edit your videos.

Let’s imagine you’ve filmed some film on your smartphone, but there are few glitches or sentences that you want to cut out.

When you open the app, it invites you to name a project (which could be the title of your vlog), and then you can import some video footage from wherever you save video on your smart phone.

It pulls in the video and you’ll see a time line, which you can use to push and pull the video along, to view the recording. You can then use a cutting tool (depicted as a pair of scissors), to mark a cutting point on either side of the segment you want to remove.

Cutting tool


Once you’ve done a bit of snipping and trimming you might decide to rapidly jump from one segment of video to the next segment (slamming them together when they’re viewed – aka ‘jump cuts’).

You might, however, decided to use a little transition to smooth the flow of the video, and the app offers up some generic options of ‘cross dissolve’ (which blurs and blends together the end of one snip of video and the beginning of the next), a blackout option ‘Dip to black’, and a whiteout option ‘Dip to white’.


‘Dip to white’ transition


The app allows you to choose the shape of the video (landscape, portrait or square), which means you can adapt your footage for different social media channels. If you’ve filmed your video on a dull day, or it looks a little flat colour wise, you can use the little colour tool (depicted as a Venn diagram symbol), to brighten it up.

How to add text and branding to your videos

Then the fun part starts, when you can bling it up a bit. You can add titles (Premiere Rush offers up pages and pages of different titles styling options), and many of these are animated. You can even add a title encouraging people to subscribe to your channel (if you happen to be using your video for say, YouTube).


Adding ‘Subscribe’ title to the video



Next, you can add in images amongst the film (you might want to flash up an image that relates to a medical problem you’re describing), and don’t forget to make use of it to pop up an image of your logo.

One of the best features is that you could make a film and then add voiceover to the film you’ve finished editing. If you’re a physio or osteo, you could use this to describe the correct technique for an exercise you’ve videoed.



Adding in voiceover



Sharing your video on social media platforms

Finally, when you’re ready to export the video, the app will render it, and enable you to directly load it up to your YouTube, Facebook or Instagram channel.


Exporting to social media


If you need help figuring out what to video, or getting together a video marketing strategy for your Private Practice, get in touch at, and let’s get building your successful, happy Private Practice!

Now it’s time for you to grow your Private Practice.






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