Medical Copywriting

Medical Copywriting

Are you struggling to write good content for your website?
Maybe you’re finding it difficult to describe what it is that you actually do?
Perhaps you’d like to blog more, but you don’t know what to write about, how best to phrase it for your audience, or simply don’t have the time?

Our clinical vocabulary often gets in the way of communicating with patients in their language.

  • I can write engaging copy for your website, which cuts through the medical terminology and speaks directly to your potential patients. Less jargon, more bookings.

  • I can articulate the benefits of your clinical service in a way that resonates with referrers, so that they choose to seek your expert help.

  • Using my SEO kills, I write keyword-rich copy that will elevate your site’s ranking in Google search, whilst staying true to your brand’s tone and voice.

Are you procrastinating over blogging, or failing to be consistent with your content?

  • Has it been quite a while since you last posted a blog or does writing seem to take you forever?

  • Is ‘fear of the gear’ holding you back from embracing tech in your marketing?

  • Are you not not sure how to promote your content, or are you failing to press ‘publish’ because you think the copy’s a bit naff?

  • Do you wish you could just delegate it all, or do you need some help with accountability? I’m here to to solve that problem.

How Does Ninja Website Copywriting work, and what does it cost?

  • If you’re struggling to get your website copy together, or you just don’t have enough hours in the week, this is a done-for-you service with just a smidgen of your time and input needed.

  • We’ll meet online (on Zoom) at a time that works for you and your diary, for a copy structure blitz. This takes around 2, sometimes 3 hours, and you don’t need to do any prep in advance. You’ll sit back with a cup of coffee (or glass of wine), and I’ll be asking you lots of questions. We’ll take a deep dive into what your practice is all about, your clinical services, niche areas, and the kinds of patients you want to attract.
  • We’ll agree on the key pages for your website. Typically, this is around 8 pages, including a mix of conditions and treatment pages. If you’re already working with a web designer, I’m very happy to liaise with them about layout structures.

  • I then begin the copywriting process. This begins with a keyword deep-dive (including taking a peek at your competitors), enabling me to write copy that pleases patients and Google.

  • We’ll meet again, online, to go through the draft copy. We’ll make any changes together, so that you’re entirely happy with the clinical information, and tone of voice. This takes around an hour.

  • I’ll fine tune and proof read the final content, and then your copy’s all ready for your website build!

  • The Ninja Website Copywriting service investment is £3,000, payable in easy-to-manage instalments.

Excellent website copy that attracts and converts patients is one of the fastest ways to grow your Private Practice.


Cath has been an absolute legend.

I was struggling trying to find the time and energy to provide content for my website and this was delaying the launch of the website for months. I work full time and juggling a busy clinical workload and trying to create a website was proving impossible.

Cath came highly recommended and very quickly, I realised that I needed her help and expertise in writing content that was easy to read and understandable to patients and professionals alike.

After an initial discussion to identify what I was looking for and what my “USP” or unique selling point would be, there followed a detailed video conference meeting where we went through in detail exactly what I was looking for in my website. This was then followed by an editing meeting to finalise the content. This allowed me to send through the content to my web designer and I am delighted to say that the website is now ready to go live.

I cannot thank Cath enough for her help and support during this process.

Mr Jeya Palan
Consultant Orthopaedic Hip and Knee Surgeon

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