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Cath has not only been instrumental in helping me to grow my private dermatology practice over the past year, she has also helped me communicate my strengths in managing acne and acne scarring much more effectively so that I am now seeing the kinds of patients who will benefit most from my advice and experience, and whose concerns I most enjoy treating.

As well as suggestions for amending the content and layout of my website and tips for communicating better with potential patients through newsletters and social media, Cath and PPN’s practical advice with the administrative aspects of running my clinic, including help with GDPR preparation, mean that the processes are all much more streamlined so that I have peace of mind and lots more time and energy freed up to see patients or spend on other things I enjoy doing outside of work.

I cannot thank Cath enough for all the help she has given me – it has been transformational!

Dr Justine Kluk: Consultant Dermatologist, DrJustineKluk.com

I can honestly say that the single most productive email that I sent this year, was the one that I sent to Cath to ask her to take me under her Private Practice Ninja wing.

Prior to the first meeting that I had with Cath, I have to admit that I felt a little apprehensive. I knew that it would force me out of my comfort zone. She had sent me some prep work, asking me to consider what I wanted to achieve in private practice, and she made me step back and take stock of the time and resources that I had available.

In first meeting that I had with Cath, we set out clear goals and objectives, such as identifying my ideal patient, how I could help them best, and identifying my unique skill set. We agreed on the key priorities to move my practice forward, setting up dates to catch up, and take stock of progress. Cath's ability to think strategically, helped me to focus in on clear targets. She provided me with a sense of accountability, which really helped me overcome the inertia to change, that I'd experienced in the past. Having regular weekly email catch ups, and monthly face to face meet ups, has been invaluable in keeping me focussed and on track with my work list.

Cath has opened my eyes to looking at my own work processes, to increase their efficiency, and she has really encouraged me to embrace ‘tech'. This has included getting a professional website designed that is ‘fit for purpose' in terms of representing my practice, and establishing a system to engage with clients and referrers. Cath has handpicked orthopaedic consultants and podiatrists whose client base would benefit from my input, and introduced me to them to expand my referrer network.

The results that I have seen six months into the process of working with Cath, have been really impressive. Cath has been relentlessly supportive and enthusiastic, providing a great deal of technical support – which is something that I had not been naturally inclined towards. My clinics are thriving with more and more runners – who I love working with. I have established much better links and communication with referrers, and for the first time, I've really have the ability help my private patents through proper MDT input. This has undoubtedly improved the quality of my patients’ care, so it's a win-win situation for all.

I'd recommend Private Practice Ninja unreservedly to any clinician who wants to develop their practice, but can't quite figure out the steps to get from A to B.

Scott Newton: Specialist Running Physiotherapist, London Running Physio

I joined the Private Practice Ninja academy, initially out of curiosity, to see how it might help my private practice to develop. Little did I realise what a lifeline it would provide during the pandemic and various lockdowns.

It crossed my mind that I might be throwing money away but it's probably been one of my shrewdest PP investments. I was concerned at the beginning that there were a lot of therapists and that it might not be applicable to my practice but this misconception rapidly evaporated. For me, the multidisciplinary nature of the group is a bonus and a real positive.

Being part of the PP Ninja Academy has allowed my practice to flourish where so many have floundered during lockdown. There are many lessons to be learned about private practice and the academy provides a great forum to learn and improve. Business tips have been picked up and so many ideas that I'd never have considered if I'd been an ostrich with head in the sand.

My favourite thing about being a member of the academy is that it feels like a second family. Everyone is very supportive of each other and we are a ready audience to bounce ideas off. I've made many new professional contacts who have become integral colleagues in my practice.

Finally, a review of the academy would be incomplete without a mention of Cath who runs the academy. She really 'gets' private practice and her vivacious character is infectious, making the whole academy experience a pleasurable and very worthwhile experience.

5 stars doesn't seem enough. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend joining the academy. I'm a London based Hospital Consultant experienced in PP and never thought I'd learn so much and pick up so many excellent tips along the way.

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Professor Howard Branley - Consultant Physician in Respiratory Medicine

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