About Private Practice Ninja

About Private Practice Ninja

Meet the team who can help you grow a thriving Private Practice

Need help to gain traction?

Whether you're just starting out and have lots of questions about marketing, or if you're been in the game a while and aren't seeing enough patients, we can help you. It’s been a long-held ambition of mine to help colleagues develop their own thriving practices, and, frankly, make their lives easier. So my team and I are on a mission to give you exactly what you need to succeed.

Over the past decade, I've built my own highly successful Private Practice working with elite athletes and complex musculoskeletal patients, and I know what it takes to succeed.

Private Practice Ninja was founded to give you access to the business, tech, and marketing skills that are critical in the foundation and growth of your Private Practice, and typically aren’t taught in the clinical field.

We understand the unique business and marketing needs of the medical community because we’re clinicians ourselves.

Feeling overwhelmed with trying to figure it all out?

If you're an Orthopaedic Surgeon, a Consultant Clinician, a Physio, an Osteo, or a Podiatrist, we can spare you wasting valuable time re-inventing the wheel, and we'll help you develop a far more profitable practice.

You’ll have the certainty of attracting a steady stream of the right kind of patients, knowing how to earn a great living, and you'll have the freedom to operate in a way that best serves your life.

Do you need help with your marketing?

  • Are you struggling to find clear, concise advice on how to market your practice?

  • Need help with acquiring new patients and being found online?

  • Fed up with having little to show for your SEO or Google Ads investment, or can't get worthwhile results from social media?

  • Know you should be making videos and content for your website, but want to know if it's actually going to bring you patients?

If you’re keen to grow a profitable practice, with an actionable plan which really works, then we can teach you how.

If you're short on time, or would rather have an expert market your practice, we can take care of it all for you.

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A little about me,
Dr Cath Spencer-Smith

I'm a Consultant Physician in Sport and Exercise Medicine, and I've built a happy and highly successful, full-time Private Practice, Sportdoc London.

In my Private Practice, I work with an extensive range of different sports people, ranging from Olympians to weekend runners and triathletes. I've been an Olympic and Commonwealth Games Sports Physician, and I've worked with GB rowing, elite track and field sports, professional dancers, footballers, and with just about every kind of sport that's played in the UK.

I developed an MSc Programme at Bangor University, I'm a keen lecturer, I've ghost written several books and have presented in several prime-time TV productions.

I founded Private Practice Ninja in 2015, with my techy husband, Jules, and to date we've helped hundreds of Clinicians to grow successful Private Practices.

I'm a mere mortal marathon runner and triathlete, I love to hang out with our Italian Greyhounds (Noodle, Fondue and Spyder – all part of the Ninja team), I'm an Earl Grey Tea drinker, and I love really decent glass of Sancerre.. #just sayin'

Meet the Ninja Team

Here is how Ninja can help you 
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Cheryl Laidlaw Web Designer

Cheryl Laidlaw
Web Designer

Julien Spencer-Smith

Jules Spencer-Smith
Video,Tech & GDPR

Lorraine Davison Practice Development

Lorraine Davison
Practice Development

Jennie Aguilar
Social Media Marketing

Ninja Italian Greyhounds

Spyder, Fondue & Noodle

Ninja Iggys