We can shoot and professionally edit video for your Private Practice website, social media, marketing and patient education needs.



  • We arrange a date for a half-day of filming at our studio in Bow, London.

  • We’ll discuss the key pieces of content that we’ll be filming (e.g. for your website).

  • We’ll go through some tips on how to speak, so that you quickly become relaxed in front of the camera. 

  • You’ll be coached in real-time through the video filming process on how to deliver the subject matter you’ll be talking about. 


  • After the shoot, we’ll professionally edit the video to get you looking and sounding your best.

  • We’ll add any branding you would like, and we can add music, images, and subtitles.

  • We’ll have decided in advance where your video will be ‘hosted’ (e.g. Vimeo or YouTube).

  • If you have a WordPress website, we can embed the video for you.


  • Finally, once you’re happy with how it all looks and sounds, we’ll share with you our tips for getting the most out of your videos.


  • We'll discuss how you can share them on social media and track their performance.

The Price

The investment for your professional video production is £1290.

Video is by far and away the best marketing tool, and the videos we produce for you will attract the right patients to your Private Practice.

Many of our clients have previously tried, but have given up on making video themselves. This is usually because they don't know how to come across best on camera, what to record, or because they don't have the time and skills to edit the video.

We can take care of all of the process – all you need to do is turn up for the filming.

We can structure the payment over three, monthly payments of £430 if required.


Not at all. We'll coach you through the entire process, so zero skills are needed before we shoot.

We're going to be shooting some video of you, so think about the clothes you'd like to be  wearing when you're seen on camera. Do you want to be seen in a suit, or wearing your usual clinic attire?

  • When we watch a video of ourselves, we're seeing ourselves as other people see us, which is different from how we see ourselves in the mirror.

  • Also, when we hear our recorded voice, it can sound a little different to the voice we hear in our heads when we're speaking out loud.

  • We're often overly critical of ourselves, and when we watch other people on video, we're usually more interested in the content, than how they appear on the screen.|

  • Everyone who starts out on their video journey feels a little ‘cringey' when they first see themselves on camera.

  • The good news is, even if you think you'll be someone who says to many ‘ums', or worries that it will come across as boring, have no fear.
    We'll coach you through the process and teach you some really useful tips that will get you looking and sounding like a natural!

Absolutely. If you'd really rather film where you work, at additional cost we can come to where you are. Let's talk.

We'll be shooting video and learning to edit at our studio in Bow, London. It is a short walk from Mile End tube (which is just 8 minutes on the Underground from Bank Station). 

Alternatively, if you would prefer to shoot at a particular location, we can make arrangements to shoot there (there may be an additional cost).

We aim to keep this as prep-free as possible for you.

  • If you have a particular piece of video content you'd like to film, and you know that you'll need to prep some words, then by all means bring some content with you.

  • Many of the Clinicians who go through our one-to-one training choose to shoot some video content for the ‘home' and ‘about' pages of their website, as well as specific content for conditions they may treat, or educational content about procedures.

    Our coaching process means that no prep is required for this.

If you would like us to upload video content to your website or social media accounts, it's helpful to bring the following:

  • Your website login details
  • Social media account login details – e.g. LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • If you already have a YouTube account or a Vimeo account, please bring your login details, but don't worry if you don't have these accounts already set up, as we can for you. We recommend Vimeo as the best place to host your video from, and this has a small additional annual cost.

We’ll have a follow up Zoom or phone call, which we’ll schedule for a couple of weeks after the shoot.

We'll go through the edited video together, and talk about how to use them best to promote your Private Practice.

  • Many of our clients have tried on their own,  but haven't really been able to get going with making video. Some have previously been through video production with online platforms that promote Clinicians in Private Practice, but the video produced felt ‘generic', a bit bit too much like all the other videos on the platform, or frankly a bit boring.

  • The difference with our Ninja shoot, is that you'll be coached by a Clinician (who has a great deal of TV experience and is a committed Vlogger), and we'll make sure your video truly reflects you and what you do.

  • Because we take the time to get to understand you, your Private Practice, and your goals, we can individually tailor the content production to your needs. We're experts in content marketing, and we know how to produce video that gets found by patients in online search.

What Ninja Clients say

I had such fun and finally feel like I have a hold on videos! Thank you!!

Helen O'Leary - Complete Pilates

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