IT and Tech Clinic

IT and Tech Clinic

Are you fed up with having to figure out all the techie stuff, whilst doing the clinical work? The Ninja IT and Tech Clinic can help with all your tech headaches.

Does your Private Practice tech need a check-up?

Does this sound familiar?

  • Are you concerned that your digital data, emails and tech is in a mess? We’ll get it sorted.
  • Are you worried about GDPR compliance, ‘backups’, or unsure about how to escape a paper practice? We’ve got it covered.
  • Maybe your team is expanding, and you need help with encrypted email set-up, securely onboarding them, or a database for all your policies and procedures? We can implement it all.


  • Are you still heavily dependent on paper, and need to move into a digital practice?

  • Are you frustrated by a strung-together, D.I.Y. patient management system, that worked for you initially, but you’ve now outgrown?

  • Is having data scattered in multiple locations making you feel a little out of control?

  • Do you know how to back up your data to more than one location?

  • Is your data being backed up with encryption, or are you unsure about your GDPR requirements?

  • Do you need help with growing your confidence around using tech?

How the IT and Tech Clinic works

  • First of all, we understand that not everyone is techie (and some people are even allergic to it!). We’re patient, we speak ‘human’ not jargon, and we’ll hold your hand through the process.

  • We start off by having a chat over the phone (free of charge), to understand what your struggles are, and what you want to get sorted.

  • We’ll ask you some questions about how you’re currently using tech within your practice.

  • We’ll discuss how you store patient data and move it around.

  • We’ll get clear on where you stand with email and encryption.

Next steps and how we work together

  • We’ll agree a time to have an in-depth phone call and talk through your Ninja Tech improvement plan.

  • Whilst everyone’s needs are different, it’s unlikely that we’ll ask for more than 45 minutes of your time.

  • We’ll be working in the background, so you can carry on treating patients.

  • We’ll have the up-most respect for the security of your systems, and we’ll only ever ask for the absolute minimum access to complete the work.

  • We’ll make sure you know how to use the new systems, so you feel super confident going forwards.

Why choose the Ninja IT and Tech Clinic?

  • We understand what it’s like to juggle being a Clinician, with running the business side of your practice.

  • No matter what your tech skill level is, we will always communicate patiently and clearly, and without any patronising technobabble!

  • We want to give you the best value for money, so you’re not wasting resources with over-the-top solutions. We’ll give you just what you need.

  • We’re super approachable, and passionate about helping you get savvy with your tech.

  • We’ll take care of the tech, so you can maximise the time you spend with patients.

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