What is Clubhouse and how to get started

What is Clubhouse?

How should you get started and how can it help you grow your Private Practice?

If you’ve not yet heard of Clubhouse, let me enlighten you.

It’s a new social media platform, and it’s still in its ‘beta’ stage. Currently, it’s invite-only (but don’t worry, it’s not hard to find someone who can invite you).

Clubhouse is an audio-only, live, discussion platform on a big, big scale.

It’s not recorded, so just like a real conversation, to have to be present to listen in and be part of it. You can listen in, and offer to contribute to the talk, with a few simple taps on your iPhone (even whilst laying in the bath).

You might be thinking, “how on earth can this help me to grow my Private Practice?”.

The beauty of Clubhouse is you can easily make great connections, grow a following and become a key, go-to person in your niche in a way that other social platforms can’t. How?

Clubhouse alerts all your followers that you’re going to be live on the platform, so they can show up and listen and participate. Other social media platforms might only share that announcement with a tiny sliver of your (organic) followers.

Watch along, as I show you how to get started.

And to help you get your feet wet, I’m going to be posting up ‘rooms’ (think events) where you can join and practise using and speaking on the app – all in a safe and friendly space.

Follow me on Clubhouse (just pop Catherine Spencer-Smith into the search – my handle is @practiceninja) and I’ll let you know when room is scheduled.

And if you need an invite to join Clubhouse, ping me an email at css@privatepracticeninja.co.uk and I’ll gladly invite you in when I have invitations to give away : )

email or call us 0207 993 6425