Mistakes not to make when planning

your website or website refresh.



Getting a website (or a website update) is a big financial investment.

And quite rightly so. If you get it right, your website will be by far and away your best investment ever, because it will work, day and night for you in terms of promoting your Private Practice.


Let’s remind ourselves as to why you need a website for your Private Practice.

Private Practice patients are on-line researchers, and Google tells us that when people are looking to buy a product or service, 70% of the time, they make up their minds about us, before they even get in touch with us.

Given that most of us use search for even the basic kinds of things in life (today I even Googled ‘Dog friendly restaurants in London’), not having a website means you are invisible to the majority of folk who are connected to the internet.

Not going about building your website in the right way, can be an expensive waste of time, as can trying to bash it together on the cheap.

If you half-heartedly invest in your website, it’s a bit like having a nicelooking car parked in your driveway, that you can’t drive around. You know it looks nice, but no-one else gets to enjoy it.


Before your take the plunge and jump in with your website build, I want you to reflect on the following:


Don’t wait around forever to build your website

But a word of caution here. Refrain from building something mediorce, because you don’t yet have the funds. You will only end up spending money all over again in order to correct your mistakes. If you’re totally brassic, whilst you scrape together the funds, you can swiftly do some of these:

How to promote yourself on the internet without a website

A website’s aesthetic design is important, but content is KING.

Google won’t help patients find you if your site consists of one scrolling page with fancy swooshing pictures and b*gger all text.

A study by Forbes tells us that you need a good 600-700 words on each web page for Google to like you, and that Google will think your website page is ‘thin’, if there’s less than 300 words on it. Putting it another way, you need a lot of words.



You’re a great Clinician, but you won’t necessarily make the best copywriter.

This takes training in order to understand how to appeal to patients in a way that will attract them to your site.

At Ninja, we see the same mistakes being made over and over again. Just because you know how to write about medicine, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get help with words for your site. Web designers are typically fantastic at webdesign, but weak on the copy skills that specifically work for Clinicians.

Work with a copy writer BEFORE you build the site. You need both elements – words and design, and a good copywriter will liaise with your web designer to bring it all together. (If you need help with guidance for your website, we can help:

Our copywriting service explained



Your website needs feeding.

Your website is not a static thing. It needs to work for you, which means you regularly need to add content to it. It’s not a ‘set and forget thing’.

Many Clinicians think of their website as a fancy, online business card, where patients and referrers can ‘look up their details’. But it should be so much more than this!

Yes, a website is a great place to put patient guides for people who are coming in for surgery, but you should use your website to market you whilst you’re doing other things, and to do this, it needs to grow. By adding blogs and vlogs (which contain the keywords that your patients are searching for), you’ll steadily rise up Google’s rankings.



Websites need to be part of your GDPR compliance strategy.

It’s the law. Your website is a great place to display your privacy notice, and don’t forget to be cookie compliant. Here are a couple of links that can help you:

Websites age. But not like great wine.

They need refreshing, and you should factor in that cost and save for it. How often should you update your website? Well it makes sense to first fix problems that may be causing your website to underperform.

Get your website turbocharged!


But overtime, our sites will start to look a bit dated, and we may experience website shame. A refresh every 3-4 years will sort this, so you need to get this into your marketing budget.


If you need help figuring out your website strategy or words, get in touch.

I’m at css@privatepracticeninja.co.uk



Now it’s time for you to grow your Private Practice.







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