How to promote yourself on the internet, if you don’t have a website.

I met recently with an Orthopaedic surgeon who has been working part time in private practice.
He doesn’t yet have a website and it struck me that this is a familiar scenario with many of the clients I’ve worked with.

I’m sure you know by now that my philosophy on websites is ‘You simply MUST get one’.

But sometimes life, finances and time mean that a website is either stuck in the pipe line, or not yet begun.

Here’s what I’m not going to let you get away with:

The notion that you can’t promote yourself, if you don’t have a website.

If you are going to succeed in private practice you need to let people get to know you via the internet. This means that you need to get used to producing excellent quality content and sharing it with your on-line chums. Start this straight away, if you are not doing this already.

After I’ve shared the following with you, you’ll have far less excuses to hide behind.

Private practice Ninja helper Free blogging platforms. not to be confused with, is a free site (hosted by WordPress) where you can set up a blog page. In a similar vein, will allow you to produce content and which you can share with the internet via their platform. Once it’s up, you can link your posts to your twitter account, or let people know about your post via email. The great news is, later in time when you do have a website you can re-purpose that content and put it onto your own new website.

Private practice Ninja helper LinkedIn posts.

Pretty much everybody I know has a profile, but how many people actually use it for posting? LinkedIn will generously allow you to post as much content as you like and it will share it with your followers. See if you can engage with two or three ‘groups’, share your content with them, and see if you can volunteer to answer questions for them.

Private practice Ninja helper Email marketing.

One of the best ways to remain connected with people is to send them fantastic content via email. It works a treat if you take what is effectively a blog post and put it into the main body of the email. If somebody is reading through their emails, and there are in an area of poor internet connectivity, then you won’t have to worry about losing them if they can’t connect to your website.
Whilst I would highly recommend that you sign up to an email marketing machine such as Convert or, you don’t absolutely have to have one, to do email marketing. Have a rummage through your contact list and collect together a bunch of email address and post out your email content.

Private practice Ninja helper Video content.

Videos are a fantastic way for your audience to get to know you. Seeing and hearing you really helps to build trust. Whilst it’s fabulous if you can embed a video on your website, there is absolutely nothing wrong with setting up a You Tube channel (which is entirely free) or consider using a hosting video platform such as You will get a little URL link of your video that you can email out to people or post on twitter and LinkedIn.

Private practice Ninja helper Facebook live.

The advantage of Facebook Live over You Tube, is that Facebook really likes to promote Facebook live videos. Most of us have a smart phone these days which makes it super easy to whip out the phone, and do a quick face to camera session. You could talk about how to resolve a clinical problem, or maybe the best way to correct a patient doing a certain exercise etc. If you are in the mood for spending a little bit of cash you can pay to ‘boost’ your post so that even more people get to see it.

Private practice Ninja helper Instagram stories and Animoto. stories is another quick way to produce little videos which can be shared with your tribe. Animoto is a wonderful app that helps you transform images and video clips into little show reels. You can actually put type across these and it’s a slick but simple way to annotate what’s being shown pictorially. Animoto has a free trial, but to purchase it long term isn’t expensive.


Private practice Ninja helper PDF Document

Consider producing a PDF document that you could either email out to people or, shock horror, actually post out to people. As quaint as snail mail seems these days, it’s quite a nice way to ‘cut through the noise’ especially if it includes something really useful like a fabulous list of 10 ways to do X, Y or Z. You could even produce a useful summary of lecture slide notes.

It’s time to get started on producing content, so don’t let not having a website be a barrier to you.

Sometimes, we all need a little extra help in building our practices – from a business perspective, as well as a clinical one.

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