Why private practice Ninja business coaching will help you achieve your best year ever.

When should you consider getting some business coaching for your private practice?

If you have been reflecting on how well you have done this year in private practice, maybe you are thinking…

  “Meh, I am doing okay but in sure I could probably be doing better “.

Or, if you are just starting out in your own private practice, you might be thinking…

  ” How the heck can I get things really going rapidly?”

In addition, you may be wondering how much private practice business coaching costs and whether it is worth your hard earned dosh?

What could you really expect to get for your investment and should it be something you should be doing now?

Private practice for most clinicians is a kind of “Find my way through it” scenario. You’re not exactly equipped by your clinical training to run a business, let alone market yourself.

Yet somehow many clinicians use the strategy of, a ‘bit of social media’ and ‘putting together a few GP talks’. They will often spread themselves across many clinical locations in the hope that they will pick up whatever patients are waiting there.

Does that sound a bit familiar?

This approach is a slow and steady slog, and if you’re lucky you will be making some kind of decent private practice income after five years (ask any private hospital consultant liaison officer and they will tell you this is typically how long it takes for people to get established).

Along the way, you might waste some time, some money and some effort doing things that don’t really work, whilst failing to focus on the things that would rapidly grow your private practice.

Meanwhile, you might also be sticking your head in the sand about getting around to sorting out that GDPR documentation. You know it needs to happen, but it isn’t.

We know how it can be very different.

At Ninja we’ve coached all kinds of doctors, surgeons, physios and osteopaths who are now earning significantly more money, working with the kinds of patients that they love.

Why is Ninja coaching a successful process?

There are Six key areas that clinicians typically tend to struggle with that we see time and time again.

Here’s where we help:

1. Standing out from the competition.

This is really about developing your niche and explaining exactly what it is that you do that enables you to demonstrate how wonderful and different you are from the competition.

2. “Marketing.”

We’re talking fast-tracking how people get to hear about you and I mean patients. This means having a very strong online presence, and effectively using your website, social media, vlogging or blogging to draw patients to you.

According to Google, 70% of patients have made their minds up about you before they even get in touch with you.

How can you possibly influence that scenario if you’re not being found on the web?

3. Money.

This means sorting out your mindset around and asking for what you are worth. It also means getting your systems and processes sorted so that you are far more cost-effective.

Why are you trying to continue to cobble things together?

It’s been done before and it’s been done better. We can teach you how.

4. The tech and the GDPR.

If your fear of the gear means that your IT systems are a shambles and you really don’t know how to do a data flow audit, it can hold you back from growing (and potentially land you in hot water).

You’re a clinician, not an expert in IT, so why not ask someone to help you with this?

5. Connections.

If you need introducing to people who can help you refer patients to you, how do you know who they are and how do you make that relationship happen?

Ninja has a vast network of like-minded clinicians who are keen to collaborate with each other.

6. Strategy and accountability.

You know that you should be getting something done, but you don’t really have a plan for it and you are definitely failing to put this into action, day in day out.

Some proper practice strategy planning with a hefty dose of accountability will get you rapidly on track.

Ninja private practice business coaching can help you get clarity, patients and money in the bank.

But it’s not for everyone…

Private practice business coaching can help you achieve your best year ever if you are committed and willing to take action. If you are tired of ‘fannying about’ and want to get some real results, get in touch and we will jump on a call and talk about how we can work together.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“The results that I have seen six months into the process of working with Cath, have been really impressive. Cath has been relentlessly supportive and enthusiastic, providing a great deal of technical support – which is something that I had not been naturally inclined towards. My clinics are thriving with more and more runners – who I love working with. I have established much better links and communication with referrers, and for the first time, I’ve really have the ability help my private patents through proper MDT input. This has undoubtedly improved the quality of my patients’ care, so it’s a win-win situation for all.”

Scott Newton : London Running Physio

Dr Justine Kluk Consultant Dermatologist


“I am now seeing the kinds of patients who will benefit most from my advice and experience, and whose concerns I most enjoy treating.”

Dr Justine Kluk : Consultant Dermatologist, DrJustineKluk.com




“In total, we worked with PPN for 2 months. During this time they were easy to work with, very helpful and communicative. A lot of these systems were new to us and the training provided was clear and easy to follow. I would strongly recommend them as feel that they went above and beyond the initial brief and have left us feeling very confident in all the products.”

Helen O’Leary: Complete Pilates


‘Get in touch now, and let’s make sure you grow your private practice, you won’t regret it.’

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