How to use LinkedIn to grow your Private Practice.

The cool thing about LinkedIn is it helps you determine that at least some of the information that a Google search brings up about you, is accurate, and what you want to be read. This is because you have control over what’s in your LinkedIn profile – rather that what other people choose to say about you online.

You might think your peers and patients know what you do, but unless you are setting them straight on what you love to do, and why you are doing it, you’ll blend into the background along with all the other spinal-tinkering experts.

This is your opportunity to show case the best of your professional talents.

Here are your Private Practice Ninja: Tips on getting LinkedIn right for the clinician.

Private practice Ninja helper  Sort out that profile picture.

There is no bigger crime than a bad LinkedIn photo! Ditch the photos of you in your wedding dress, out on a mate’s stag-do, or one your mum took fourteen years ago at that Bar Mitzvah. It’s time to hire a professional photographer – a fantastic opportunity to get several shots you really love in one sitting, that you can use across various social media platforms.

Private practice Ninja helper  Include a summary that’s very engaging.

Don’t bore the reader with what you do, and instead, shout out about what you love to do. If you like treating pityriasis then tell us about it. At the same time, share a little bit about who you are. Knowing that you like to quaff a nice Pinot Noir, and are a keen triathlete, shows that you are human.

Niche down a little bit here and use terms that your readers would search for, make it lay person friendly. I you like treating kids with eczema, then talk about rashes and scratching, rather than complicated medical jargon (such as ‘atopy’), which isn’t the way patients search things in Google.

Think you can get away with making it a long snooze fest of a CV. Think again. Nobody really cares that you spent a year staring down the microscope at ‘Islets of Langerhans’ in pancreatic tissue during you intercalated year, but they might want to know that you spent time working with talented folks at the Mayo clinic or the winter Olympics.

Private practice Ninja helper  Make your LinkedIn page bring patients and referrers to you.

LinkedIn has its own little inbuilt search engine. Post more, and you’ll be found more.

Machines are checking your online contents out constantly. Like a nosey teenage sister rummaging through your wardrobe, Google spiders crawl all over your website and social media platforms – including LinkedIn. You need to produce regular content so that your profile remains front-and-centre.

Private practice Ninja helper  Writing LinkedIn posts.

They are simply a form of blog posting, apart from the time it takes you to write it, its’ Free. Why not give visitors a reason to return to your site or share your stuff (even if they’re not yet a referrer or patient)? Besides the ‘About Me’ and ‘Connect’ pages, blog pages and LinkedIn posts are typically the next most commonly visited area in your website or LinkedIn profile.

So many clinicians shy away from posting, because they somehow feel they must write a giant piece of work, based around an in-depth literature search, when actually what people want to read about is the best way to get over a problem. Patients are really looking for solutions to their problems, such as how to cure that nagging IT Band pain two weeks before the London marathon, or the best way to shake off blepharitis – if you can spell it of course.

Click HERE to find a Practice Ninja step by step guide to writing a post onto LinkedIn.

LinkedIn actively provides you with a captive audience of potential referrers and patients. Write for them, and they will share your excellence with others.

Private practice Ninja helper  Join in the conversation.

Have you found your LinkedIn feet? Start Joining groups and contributing to relevant conversations. You will find the button within ‘work’ at the top right-hand corner.

Within some groups you can also post your own articles and invite conversations about the topic. it’s a fantastic way to get your knowledge and speciality’s seen in the right circles.

Private practice Ninja helper  Be brave and post a video.

So… now you are really feeling confident, how about posting a video? Keep them short and snappy and make sure you add a call to action, with a link to your website.

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