How to use Instagram to grow your Private Practice.

Firstly, there are a heck of a lot of people out there using Instagram and it’s the most rapidly growing form of social media. In other words, you need to get on board with it.

So how do we get the best out of Instagram, to help with practice growth?

Here are our Private Practice Ninja top Instagram tips.

Private practice Ninja helper  Be strategic.

Instagram is a great to showcase your services and increase awareness of the brand “you” as a clinician. It’s a positive-mindset, friendly platform, and its value lies in connecting and engaging with your followers.

Private practice Ninja helper  Be consistent.

The more frequently you post to Instagram the faster your follower numbers will grow. You can literally double the growth of your followers by switching from once a week, to posting once a day.

Private practice Ninja helper  Develop your signature style.

If you scroll through Instagram, there is a big variation in how people present their images. It pays to think about being creative with your styling. Think about the image types, the layout, and fonts that you use. Here’s a great example from London web girl, who alternates coloured images of her laptop website creations with white ‘flat lays’.

Private practice Ninja helper  Learn how to master hashtags.

Hashtags are a way of searching for images on Instagram. Instagram allows you to use up to thirty hashtags, but studies show the sweet spot for engagement is actually nine. If you use the search button to look up hashtags you may be interested in, you’ll see that each hashtag has its own gallery of images. These are typically displayed under ‘recent’ and ‘top posts’ (determined by an algorithm that looks at the recency, how many likes and how many comments you viewers make).

The trick is to use a mixture of hashtags that are very popular, for example, #runnersofInstagram (if you treat runners)……

But, also a few hashtags of your own, which are ‘rarer’, and ideally, created by you. It’s one way to be positioned in the top posts, whilst you grow the hashtag’s popularity. This one is #ninjadoctors – five of the posts are mine.

If you are not sure which hashtags to use, try using This will help you make decisions such as whether you should be using the hashtag ‘#physiotherapy’ or ‘#physio’. It will show you the popularity and relevancy of the hashtags that closely match the ones you search for. It adds a little science to your choices.

Private practice Ninja helper  Jazz it up.

You want to make your pictures as engaging as possible so that people will want to share them. I love using the ‘Word swag’ app and ‘photo editing by Aviary’ on my iPhone for styling up my pics.

Private practice Ninja helper  Be brave and try using Instagram stories.

This is a great way to post little videos or images with captions, and can you do this by going to the plus button in Instagram.
They last just 24 hours, which means any less-than-your-finest-moments will be quickly forgotten! But the best news is that Instagram rewards you by popping you right to the front of the Instagram story feed. Lush!

Private practice Ninja helper  How to add a call to action.

Given that Instagram doesn’t allow clickable links in individual posts, you may be wondering where can you add your call to action? What’s the point in posting? Well, you do get the option to put a clickable link, but it’s in your ‘profile’. You will most likely want to put a link back to your website in this section, but, if you’re feeling really enthusiastic, you could change the link in your profile each and every time you post a new image to your Instagram feed. That way if you want to showcase a particular clinical service, or something topical you have written about in a blog, potential patients and potential referrers can click on the link there.

Private practice Ninja helper  Why not try…

Uploading an Instagram post on a regular basis during your morning commute. It’s so much more fun than looking at the gloomy faces on the tube.

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