Top Ninja Apps we can’t live without.

At Private Practice Ninja, we love and embrace all things tech. I would like to share with you our Top 8 Apps we use regularly, that help us to work with Ninja efficiently.

We think you might like them too. Use them in your mission to become successful Ninja entrepreneurs! 


iPhone, iPad or Android app.

If you are not in the habit of carrying around an expensive dictaphone, Dictamus is an amazing way to pimp your phone into one. It basically enables you to send dictated letters or notes, straight from your phone or tablet, via email or to a destination such as Dropbox. This means there is no excuse for resisting the move to outsourcing the transcription and typing of your clinic letters!
It’s effortlessly easy to quickly edit, rewind and re-record your words. Its voice activation means it will even automatically pause for you (if you are dithering whilst thinking what to say). I find it an incredibly useful tool for capturing ideas if I’m on the go and I don’t happen to have a pen and paper. I’ve even used it to take a memo whilst playing ‘human sardines’ on the Jubilee line.
If you are using a medical transcription service ad-hoc, pretty much all of them are signed up to receiving it from this app. Probably the best few quid you will ever spend.

Rescue time.

PC, Mac or Android phone (sorry iPhone users).

This is an app that baby sits your device. If you are prone to a little frittering of time on the tinterweb and can’t resist checking up on the Met Office weather forecast every ten minutes, it’s a great way of nurturing better time management habits. It will let you track exactly what it is you are doing on-line. You can set it to block certain sites at certain times, and it can even help you achieve goals, such as staying out of social media for all but thirty minutes a day. It’s about nine dollars a month, which is basically a cocktail or glass of champers (in my currency world), and it’s a great way to help yourself if you can’t be trusted from going down internet rabbit holes.


iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC or Android app.​

If you love lists, this is a really awesome way to bust through some projects. It’s fab if you are deep diving into a project such as launching a website or opening a new clinic, especially if you need to share information with others who are going to be involved. You can assign tasks to individuals, set deadlines, attach files and documents, and it integrates with many email systems. Best of all, it’s free for up to fifteen people. Sweet


iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC or Android app.​

If you need to rustle up a bit of nifty art work for a blog, Canva can make your design bea-u-ti-ful. Let it help you bring out your inner creative! It’s a great way to inject a little consistent branding on a shoe string. The system is really intuitive and easy to use, so you don’t need a degree in graphic design. Move over Picasso.


iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC or Android app.​

Have you ever found yourself at work and needed to get a document that is stored on your computer at home? This happened to me recently, when I had to urgently send a copy of my medical indemnity insurance policy to a London hospital. I love LogMeIn; it’s saved my bacon so many times. If you can get Wi-Fi access or mobile data access, you can literally use an app on your phone to remotely access files that are on a PC or Mac elsewhere. It’s just like you were there physically using it.
It’s great for transferring files, PDFs, photos, and – drum roll – it’s now it’s available for free! What’s not to like?


iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC or Android app.​

Buffer is the most awesome little app that enables you to pre-load your social media into an automated social media delivery system. Buffer will then spit it out on regular occasion throughout the week, month or even year, if you so wish. If you have got accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc., you can while a way a nice half hour on a Sunday evening with a glass of wine, loading your Buffer, and feel smug when you have an on-line presence all week.
Buffer means you don’t have to stress about sending out that important tweet, when you need to be getting busy with a lumbar puncture. There is a free version of it, but ten dollars a month buys you 100 scheduled posts over ten different social profiles. I like its simplicity and the fact that it will pre-load photos for you as well. Niiice.


iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC or Android app.​

I absolutely, utterly and completely, could not live without OneNote. It is a place for all my digital content (and sometimes junk) to live in one cosy, on-line accessible, protected area.
Originally, it was only available for Windows, but now you can get it for Mac as well. In a nutshell, it is an entire digital storage system, where you create ‘note books’ (think filing cabinets) that you can stuff with word documents, video files, audio files, PowerPoint presentations etc. and it makes things so much easier to find.
You can set alerts, actionable ‘to-do’s, and even tickable lists. It integrates with another little app, called OneNote Clipper, which allows you to easily clip content from web pages that you are browsing, and pop it straight into your note system. Because it is so frictionless to use, (it’s totally free-form, like a scrap book), it encourages you to collect your thoughts and creative ideas, so that they don’t get lost. I regularly dictate little sentences into Dictamus on my iPhone and then just cut and paste it directly into a creative projects file. I keep blogs, blog photos, blog transcripts and even associated scientific research articles all in there. It’s the digital equivalent of always having a tidy and organised desk.
Another fantastic feature is that you can share your OneNote with others. They can pin PDFs, attach photos, and even annotate the same pages you are using. This enables you to work together remotely, on any kind of project, in synchronised bliss.
OneNote is almost completely free. Microsoft hold back some features to sell to their Office 365 home premium service users. Frankly, you really don’t need to own Office 365 for OneNote to be incredibly useful to you. Sign up, get it downloaded onto you iPhone, your PC, and your Mac and you’ll be able to pass around files which sync automatically. I lurrrve it!


iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC or Android app.​

‘If this, then that’ is one of those ‘I wish I’d invented that’ apps, that still blows my mind (even though I’ve been using it for two years). It connects up the functionality of different apps, to bring about an automated outcome. Use it, and it will save you heaps of time.
For instance, you could set an automation (called an ‘applet’) that will instruct every photo that you upload onto Instagram, to also be saved into a certain Dropbox account. You could set it to ping you a message via Gmail, if a particular person emails you. You might ask it to send every screen shot you take on your iPhone, to a particular folder in OneNote. You can even set it to remind you to get your backside in the gym if you haven’t hit a certain step count by five pm that day.
It’s free, and it will give you better mental bandwidth to focus on what’s important, because all those little things you wanted to remember to do are taken care of. To help guide you, there are many pre-set applets to try out, but you’ll soon get the hang of how to engineer your own. Start using it right now!

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