Timetable your Private Practice Marketing.


‘Back to School’ signals a new weekly timetable with each new academic year, and I’m going to challenge you to draw up a new timetable for marketing your Private Practice.

In other words, you need to decide on and schedule time for your marketing activities.

If you wait around for ‘a day when I’ve got nothing booked in’, I can guarantee it won’t happen – you just won’t get around to it.

There will be a dental appointment or an intoxicating episode of ‘Better Call Saul’ that sneaks its way in. Marketing is the lifeblood of your Private Practice growth, and you need to take daily action if you want to be successful.

Like all good Ninjas, you need to divide and conquer.

First up, I want you to take stock of what you are already doing (and not doing) marketing-wise. Throw out any pre-conceived ideas about what marketing should look like. Marketing is so much more than Google and Facebook Ads (and those expensive leaflets you had printed, which are now wafting around the floors of clinic waiting areas).

Have a good hard think about anything you do on a daily basis to keep and attract patients.

Ask yourself, what are you doing in relation to the following:

 Reviewing patients.

It may seem a little obvious to state that you should be reviewing your patients (you’re a professional, ‘innit’).

I’m talking about reaching out to existing clients who have drifted off to ‘do their own thing’ because you didn’t tie down follow-up arrangements. Did you tell that last patient ‘see how you go, and if you’re still having problems after the injection, come back’, or, did you say ‘hey, let’s meet again in six weeks to make sure you’re on track’?

Is it good medicine to follow-up, yes, and is it good marketing? You betcha!
Why? Because patients love that we care enough to be checking in and reviewing their progress.

 Asking for testimonials from patients when you’ve done an especially great job of looking after them.

Don’t be shy now, and don’t wait for it to be magically offered up (it doesn’t usually occur to people to lurch forth in your direction with a fist full of testimonials).
You can read my blog about gaining testimonials here…


Are you currently asking and nudging your patients in the right direction, with a LinkedIn or Google review URL link? Make it easy for them to say, ‘thanks for the awesome Doctoring you did’!

 Asking for word of mouth referrals from your patients.

Believe me, this doesn’t have to feel ‘icky’. You did a good job, right? Well, it’s all about remembering what to say when the moment presents itself.

When a patient says ‘thanks soooooo much for sorting my knee out in time for the Royal Half Parks Marathon’, are you replying with ‘I’m so glad I could help you. I’d really like to be able to help other runners like yourself, so if you have friends or colleagues who are struggling, please feel free to share my contact details with them’? Or do you just smile and Britishly hunch your shoulders?

  Reaching out to, and reconnecting with your potential and existing referrers.

Are you actively seeking and meeting up with ‘could-be’ new referrers, or reconnecting with previous referrers (and re-affirming those relationships?)

  Making use of patient review platforms such as Doctify.

Even if you don’t (yet) have your own website, this can be a fantastic ‘shop front’ for you, and these kinds of platforms have huge pulling power on Google.

  What are you doing to purposefully market yourself on your website?

What I mean here is, are you making changes to your ‘About’ and ‘Home’ pages that actively speak to the problems that your patients are telling you about (or are they a snore-fest of the conferences you’ve presented at?).

Are you constantly adding new educational content (such as blogs) to your site, that will make Google love you?

  Paid advertising.

Forget magazines and leaflets. Are you dipping your toe into pay-per-click and Facebook Ads? *keep an eye out for our forthcoming blog on Ads…

  Social media.

What are you doing to grow your awareness in this special space? Are your regularly posting to platforms, and engaging with the audiences? Are you using tools such as Buffer and ContentCal?

After you’ve been through this little audit, write down how much time you’re devoting to any (if not all) of them on a daily basis.


Want to be swiftly successful in Private Practice? Here’s the trick :

You need to devote half an hour a day, to grow your private practice




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