Time for marketing

This week I was working with a new Ninja client. She came to see me because she wanted help with growing her practice. Something we love doing.

She was finding it baffling that she had gone to the trouble of constructing a beautiful website (at great expense) and yet she was virtually unfindable on Google, and nobody knew she existed.
I asked her what she was doing to actively promote and market her practice.

The baffled look continued. When I explained that developing a thriving practice requires active engagement in connecting with people, making and keeping referrals, blogging and engaging in social media she sighed, “Can’t I just leave it to people to Google me?”

Here’s the truth: you have to make time for a little ‘practice horticulture’.

If you are in the smug position of being so completely overrun with patients that you are fully booked up until Christmas, then you don’t need to listen to the following:

Marketing and connecting takes time.

If you are growing your practice, you need to ring-fence that time and put it in your Outlook calendar, your Letts 2017 pocket diary, or your nifty little iPhone app. That way, you’ve secured the time to ensure that it gets done.

For example, each and every week I make a top ten Ninja list of potential (and sometimes previous) referrers that I want to speak with. I take a few minutes to make contact with them. It could be via email, LinkedIn or (millennials should now brace themselves), that delightfully antiquated device called the telephone. We have a chat about practice life, I arrange to meet up with them and we reconnect.

I remind them of how I can help their patients, and they remember me the next time they need to refer a patient.

Additionally for around two hours a week, I will blog, reach out to other clinicians via social media, and schedule posts in Buffer – it’s become a ritual.

Ninjas need rituals and you need to make it a ritual to ring-fence time to grow your practice. Put it in the diary, and action it. Rinse and repeat.

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