Three reasons why you may be procrastinating over marketing your Private Practice.

The back to school season means new lessons for students and new homework.

How good are you at being consistent with your Private Practice marketing homework?

Knowing what you should be doing is very different from doing what you know you should be doing.

Private Practice homework is the work you do outside your clinical work. It’s the work that grows your Private Practice and keeps it running smoothly. If you’re a diligent ‘student’, you’ll get home at the end of a (school) day, head up to your bedroom (study), and bash out a bit of homework. I’m not talking Latin verbs, I’m talking about marketing systems and processes.

Here’s why I think people procrastinate over getting going with marketing activities in their Private Practices; perhaps these sound familiar to you?

  You’re not measuring what you’re doing.

If you don’t have a clear plan of how you’re going to market your practice, it’s really difficult to get passionate about getting your teeth stuck into it.

How do you know how best to use your precious time and energy?

Answer: you need to measure your marketing activity to see what works.

If you’re not measuring what you are doing (marketing-wise), how will you know what is actually working for you?

So, how do you measure marketing?

First, you will need to know what your ‘metrics’ are.

For instance, what tells you that your Private Practice is growing?

It may seem obvious, but actually, it’s quite surprising the number of clinicians who rarely bother to check in on their patient numbers.

How many new patient consultations did you carry out this past week?

How many follow up patients came to see you?

Is that number increasing or decreasing?

What were those numbers like, this time last year?

You may be thinking, how are you going to know what is bringing about this new growth in your practice? Well, it helps to record the actual marketing activities you are currently doing. Let’s think about that for a moment.

Some examples might be …

Making contact with potential referrers on LinkedIn. How many people did you reach out to this week? Did you connect with them and actually start a conversation?

How many Clinicians did you speak with to build referral relationships?

How many people did you email on your email marketing list?

What was the open rate for those emails and which topics performed the best in terms of engagement?

How many people have viewed your posts on LinkedIn, and what were the comments that they left?

Record it, reflect on it, and clarify what works best for you and your audience.

  Lack of consistency.

Many of us know that we should be knuckling down to recording that vlog, writing about Pilates for runners or blogging about what it’s like to go through a prostatectomy, but are you bothering to do it? If you’re not consistent in producing your marketing homework, it’s not going to bring you those patients you’re wanting to reach out to.

One answer is to zone the activities and do a different activity each day.

For instance, I write a draft of my blog on a Monday, on Tuesdays I meet up with Physios and Osteos and on Thursdays I will be planning the following week’s content. At the weekend my Buffer account gets loaded up with tweets and posts for the week after. I will already have decided the week before what topic areas I will be covering when I write. It’s so much easier to sit down and write content for your website and social media when it has been running around in the old grey matter for a while. Marinating on what you are going to be talking about works nicely.

  Nobody is watching.

When you’re in charge of your own destiny, no one is checking to see if you are handing your homework in on time. For some students that’s a green light for bunking off, but not Ninjas. We know the power of being held to account. If my blog’s not ready on time, I’ll get metaphorical poke in the ribs from my Ninja helper, Emma. I’m now so ‘trained’ that it would seem unnatural not to produce some written prose each and every Monday.

Commit to a marketing task and get yourself some accountability, because guess what? Willpower alone doesn’t work.


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Stop procrastinating, and build your Private Practice.

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