Stop whining, start working.

The first few weeks back at work can sometimes feel a little jarring in terms of pace, especially if you have had the fortitude to “fest out” over Christmas. As Brits, we love nothing better than a good old moan and it’s easy to fall into the trap of pre-empting a pants January.

I’m going to invite you to stop whining and to start working.

How you feel about returning to your private practice is a case of mindset. 

Misery is not mandatory.

Here are a few ideas to help to get you reframing, and get back in the groove.

Private practice Ninja helper   Be first out of the gate. Whilst everyone else is yawning their way back into out-patients, get some early nights and get yourself into clinic half an hour earlier. Have a review what is coming up, bash through clearing the back-log of those reports and results that have come in over the Christmas week, and get yourself game ready for 2018.

If you find that there is slack in your first week or two, and your clinics aren’t fully booked, make this a time to be ultra-productive, rather than a warm-up period. Often things get too busy in private practice and we bemoan a chance for some thinking space or projects we want to get stuck into.

Private practice Ninja helper  Make a list of referrers you haven’t heard from for a while. If you are struggling to think who they might be, have a look through some of the patient notes in your online practice management system, and see what was happening around a year ago. Reach out to those referrers and invite them to meet up or ask to sit in on their clinic. See if you can connect up with three ‘lost’ referrers over the next week.

Private practice Ninja helper   Refine your list. Now is a perfectly legitimate time of year to email your list with a “Hello and a Happy New Year” shout out, and it’s actually it’s a fantastic time to refresh your list in readiness for GDPR.

We will be talking more about GDPR going forwards, but in a nutshell, you can invite people to reply and say that they wish to stay on your email list, and get a head start on the whole GDPR saga. If possible, think of a way to incentivise them.

For example: Could you send an email (as part of an autoresponder sequence) which is set to ping back a PDF guide about …keeping well during Marathon season/flu season/eczema skin care in winter… or maybe a link for ten of your Clinical Pilates sessions at a reduced rate?

Private practice Ninja helper  Get IT (and whilst you are at it, physically) fit. What crap can you clear off your desktop, what PC updates need running, and can you refresh any of those little plug-ins that you’ve been ignoring on your website? Are you still sending out 2017 messages in your email signature? Now’s the time to get it ship-shape (and maybe update your head-shot photo whilst you’re at it).

Private practice Ninja helper   Improve a tech skill. Take ten minutes to have a little search on YouTube. I don’t mean those “how dumb can I make my neighbour’s cat look” videos, but rather the kind that answer questions which could teach you some nifty tech manoeuvres.

For example: Could you learn how to use keyboard shortcuts more effectively? Is there a video teaching you a slicker way to the run backups of your Macbook or your laptop? Do you know how to reliably back up your iPhone to the cloud? Is it time to review some apps for password storage?

Private practice Ninja helper   If you are feeling super enthusiastic, why not tackle your email inbox and give it a dose of spring cleaning by clearing out all of those nonsensical messages that don’t need to be there. Try arranging by sender, so that you can delete whole swathes of messages from those designer cupcake people/medical locum companies/that annoying Portuguese language course that you have absolutely no intention of getting around to.

Private practice Ninja helper   Plan a conference trip. Can you combine this with a holiday or a trip to see family in Australia (especially if you can grab bargain cheap flights and hotel deals by booking now?

Private practice Ninja helper   Very importantly, plan a weekend break to take before the end of February. Prices will be cheaper, the five or six weeks will fly by, and you will have something to look forward to in the winter gloom.

Finally, remind yourself this is going to be an awesome year for you!

What struggles are you currently facing in Private Practice?

Let me know how I can help you in 2018.

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