Recording your very first Facebook live in 5 easy steps.

Facebook live has been around for 18 months now, and it’s something we should all consider diving into. We need to broadcast our message to patients and potential referrers outside of our current network. It’s also a great way to keep you front-and-centre in the view of those you currently receive referrals from.

Live video gets 3 x the engagement than non-live video.

So it’s time to get on board with this, even if you’re trying hard to convince yourself that it’s not for you!

The best way to get going with Facebook live is switch on your smartphone. You really don’t need any more equipment than this, to make a basic, but effective, Facebook live video.

Here’s the Ninja 5 step guide on how to do this, if you’re a newbie.

Step 1.

Get your smartphone out and tap into your Facebook app.

Go to the news feed section of the app and click on the live button, which you can normally see as a red camcorder underneath the words what’s on your mind?


Facebook will then ask if it can have access to your camera – the options being don’t allow or ok. Obviously, you are going to use ok or there won’t be much to watch.

At this point you may need to go into your phone settings to make sure that Facebook is permitted to see your camera. If you have an iPhone, go to settings and then scroll down to where you see the icons for Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Vimeo etc. Click on the Facebook icon, and then go to settings, and you will see a page allowing Facebook to access your phone by sliding a switch across.

Step 2.

Choose who is permitted to see you on camera.

Now whilst you might prefer the idea of recording Facebook lives for friends and family, if you want to spread your message far and wide you are going to have to get cosy with showing this to the general public.

Don’t panic –you can make your very first Facebook live just visible to you. It’s worth practicing to learn to stand confidently on your Bambi legs. Facebook will present you with a couple of buttons. One says public and the other says post, story. If you click on the public button it will toggle down to show you other options.



If you then press more…


You will then be taken into a section that says only me


Step 3.

Before you get too excited and start recording, write an attention-grabbing description.

Tell the viewer essentially what they will be receiving in their news feed.

For example, your video might be about ‘why you may be carrying out you Achilles rehab incorrectly’. You might want to discuss ‘myths about the treatment of acne’ or ‘what on earth goes on during an ankle arthroscopy?’ Write this in the area where it says tap to add description.

Below that, is one of the small red location icons where you could tag your location. This is a good idea, as Facebook will often target people in your geographical area.

Step 4.

Make sure that the camera can actually see you.

This sounds obvious but in the stress of the moment, you might get this wrong. Use the switch around arrows to make sure that you can see your face that’s being recorded on the screen.

If somebody else is holding your phone to record you on your behalf, make sure that they are using the outward facing camera and not the one that’s facing them.


These days Facebook will make everything into a square shape, so it probably doesn’t matter if you have ended up using your camera in portrait or landscape.

Resist the urge to tap on the ‘magic wand button’ which will add something ridiculous to your picture e.g. something that covers your face or a fancy frame.

You want to appear professional, not foolish.


Step 5.

When you are all ready to go, press the red cine camera icon!


Then all you need to do is talk your amazing spiel to the camera.

The Golden Nugget Tip

Ninja golden nuggetDo not to stare at your face on the screen.You need to be looking at the tiny circular hole that represents the camera aperture. That way, the viewer will see you eye-to-eye as opposed to them feeling like you’re oddly staring at their knees.

Facebook likes video lengths to be around Ten minutes or more, so you’ve plenty of time to get across 1-3 key points. Then all you need to do then is to click finish, and Facebook will offer you the option of adding it to your timeline, just like any other post. Sweet.

So,that’s it for the basics, but let’s face it, there’s plenty more that you can do to make your Facebook live a fabulous way to promote your skills and services.

Next time we will be talking about top tips to make your videos look and sound polished, and even more importantly, we’ll be talking about promoting your Facebook live post.

Get practicing right NOW! I’d love to see your fab videos – so let me know if you’re broadcasting and I can help share your content. I’m @privatepracticeninja on Facebook.

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