Picture Perfect Posting

This is the third in a series about how to get the best out of your online presence and today we are talking about writing your post in LinkedIn.

So… the time has come to write that LinkedIn post..

LinkedIn had a little update the end of 2016, so if you’re new to posting in 2017, the quick and easy way to get to the right section of your LinkedIn profile is to find the ‘write and article’ clickable area in the ‘shared an article, photo, or update’ box at the top of your page.

LinkedIn blog posting

Once you’ve clicked on this, you’ll open a page that shows you a blank template. This is where the fun starts, as you can indulge your inner creative, and get a bit arty. Go on, I dare you.

LinkedIn blog posting

Regardless of what your post is about, it’s really important that you have a strong headline and a strong picture. Adding your artwork is ridiculously easy to do by clicking the ‘plus’ button and then attaching your picture. Conveniently the best sized picture for a post in LinkedIn is the same as it is for Facebook – that’s 1200 pixels by 630 pixels. Don’t go lower than 700 x 400. Making sure that the screen resolution has been adjusted to 72 dpi (dots per inch). This will give you a crisp picture that isn’t spat out for being too big or too blurry. Think ‘Goldilocks and the three bears.

So, what makes for a lush LinkedIn picture? Well, just like in Medicine, it pays to have a little science behind this.

But first you need to hear the truth. Humans are shallow.
Yep. We’re far more likely to open and read our precious post, if it has an engaging picture.

Sadly, no matter how passionately you can convey your message about the best way to manage an underactive thyroid (or maybe something sexier, like a pheochromocytoma), few people will get to actually read it they aren’t enticed in. You need an intriguing picture and a punchy headline to get a high open rate.

So, what visuals get us clicking? Images that appeal to us emotionally, or help us to cut to the chase mentally.

Private practice Ninja helperIt’s really important that your image and your content is congruent. Nothing is more annoying than clicking through to an article to find that it takes you on a journey you weren’t expecting. Cute kittens in a basket + endometriosis blog is the equivalent of picture Rickrolling. It wasn’t cool then and it certainly isn’t now.

Private practice Ninja helperThink about whom your post is for. If you’re aiming to reach weekend warriors who like to break themselves with mud and overly ambitious goals, you’ll be missing a trick if your picture makes a reference to Justin Bieber’s work-out regime.

Private practice Ninja helperStay away from mass produced ‘inspirational pics’, aka stock photo naffness. You know what I mean. You’ve no doubt seen twenty of them. Those bendy characters with an upwardly point graph-come-arrow (presumably meaning – hooray – we’re all saved if we just think positively!) Why not grab an original picture from the world around that inspires you? That’s what you told your accountant that’s what your expensive iPhone 7 is for.

Private practice Ninja helperFinally, remember to play nicely, and that means no nicking. Picture plagiarism can get you into serious trouble, and is hardly the way an honest Clinician should conduct themselves. If someone else took the trouble to take an awesome photo, you should give them due credit. Always ask first, rather than feel a twit later. Granny was right about that.

Happy posting!

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