How And Why You Need To Make Time

To Grow Your Private Practice.



Want a bigger, more profitable Private Practice without the overwhelm?

Fed up of feeling like you’ve no time to ‘get the business stuff done’ in order to make a great income?

Ever feel like you’re working just to pay your medsec/other physios/the tax man?

You’re not alone. And I remember what that feels like.

Maybe you’re one of the many clinicians in Private Practice find themselves growing a little empire that seems to serve everyone but themselves? In other words, all the extra hard work isn’t paid back in terms more money in your pocket.

And it sucks.

Perhaps you’re finding yourself just a little worse off than you were in your previous NHS role, and without the benefits of paid leave and a pension?

Or finally, are you just fed up with the grind?

Here’s where you’re likely to be going wrong.

Private Practice is a business. Pure and simple.

Yes, it comes from a good place – wanting to help people and give them the kind of service you want to offer, but if you don’t take care of the business, it won’t bring in the harvest you deserve.

The main reasons I hear why clinicians aren’t working ON their business enough is because they ‘don’t have the time’, and they ‘don’t know what to focus on to grow’.

So how do you fix this?

Let’s think about this logically. You’ve heard of the saying about ‘working on your business and not in your business’, but you need to bring in the bacon, and there’s no time or energy left at the end of the week. The cure is to either work less hours for more money, or free up time by outsourcing everything you can you that someone else can do for you.

You might be thinking ‘I can’t raise my prices and I have no money to outsource’. True, you may be in a bind where insurers are concerned, but when was the last time you examined your self-funder prices, or looked at setting a higher ticket price for one-to-one work (e.g. if you offer remedial pilates).

Outsourcing is, for the majority of us, by far the easiest way to grow, and yet it can take some convincing. If you’re a physio or osteo, or a doctor starting out in Private Practice, I bet you spend time typing your own notes, letters, and insurance documents. Am I right?

Am I also right in thinking that the reasons you tell yourself that you don’t dictate and outsource your typing might include:

? I’m crap at dictation

? It’s expensive to get someone to type it up

? The forms are fiddly, and besides, I like to think about it whilst I’m filling them in.

? I’ll wait ‘till my clinics are busier before I can justify the cost.

These reasons are holding you back and are all ‘sortable’ ?

I bet I could teach you in half an hour how to get a really good handle on dictation, and it’s a skill that everyone can swiftly learn. Stop being precious about typing your own notes!

Let someone else take care of it.

Expert medical transcriptionists are far, far cheaper than your hourly rate. You don’t wash your clothes with a board and a mangle and note keeping is no different.

It will save you HOURS each week. Those precious hours can be used to see one extra patient to pay for the transcription, and then use the rest to grow your practice!

Next, outsource your billing.

It’s crazy to be sending out your own invoices and chasing people for payment. Plus, I’m a firm believer in separating the patient relationship from the money relationship. Nothing sours a consultation more than ‘erm… could you kindly settle your bill please? You still owe for the last two appointments.’

Give booking appointments and answering patient enquiries the big heave-ho.

Automate what you can (e.g. put a booking scheduler onto your website) and hire a slice of a medical administrator’s time to take care of patient queries. Why? Because if you can’t be instantly responsive about booking enquiries, your potential patient may wonder off elsewhere.

Tech, GDRP and IT hassles? Stop sweating over these and get an expert to sort it tootle-pip. This is what we specialise in.

Once you’re freed your time, you’ll have breathing space to see where you need to focus your practice and how to effectively market it. This is where the real growth and dividends are to be found.

I’ll be sharing how to go about this next time, but in the meantime, if you’d like to have a natter about mentoring for your Private Practice, get in touch. I’m at


Now it’s time for you to grow your Private Practice.







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