Is it time you learned to become a better speaker?

When was the last time you gave a clinical presentation or spoke to a room full of people?

…How did it go?

Did you feel confident and knowledgeable or were you just willing it to be over as soon as possible?

I’ve recently attended the World Class Communication workshop (think awesome speaking boot camp).

I was privileged to be coached by the legendary Marcus Sheridan and Chris Marr. It’s an annual event and I scrambled to get a ticket because Marcus lives in the good ‘ole U.S. of A. When he’s next here in 2019, I urge you to consider coming along too.

So, what did I learn and why might being coached in speaking be relevant to you and your private practice?

Firstly, everyone on this planet needs to communicate with other human beings and as clinicians, communication skills couldn’t be more important (obvs).Even if you think you rarely need to present to others, you can use new skills to have so much more impact on an every-day level.

Many of us will have had some kind of tutoring on how to speak before.You know, the typical sort of stuff about standing with your feet apart in a power stance, remembering to breathe and projecting your voice.

But how many of us still sound just a little bit boring or a little bit nervous and we never really get to connect with the audience?

As we’re growing our marketing or private practices. We need to develop better ways of really getting our message across, or we’ll be lost in the noise.

After my coaching weekend, I attended an entrepreneurial conference with lots of keynote speakers. It was fun to be present in the audience and sit back and reflect on how I might have done things differently with my new learnings.

“What’s the big fuss all about,whats else is new?”…you might be thinking.

Okay, when was the last time you saw a speaker ask a member of the audience a question?

When was the last time you saw a speaker asking that same audience member series of questions? I bet it doesn’t happen very often.


Marcus teaches his ‘rule of three’, which means only by digging with further questions, will we eventually get to the truth or the answer.The beauty of this approach is that instead of teaching through telling, you can help your audience to figure out learning points through questions.

I find that this really takes the heat of having to plough through a rehearsed monologue, and instead the engaged audience and I get to bond together over a clinical question.

I know I’m forever going to be practicing these skills, but it’s completely transformed the way I’ll be ‘teaching’ going forwards.


My Ninja challenge to you is: Upscale your speaking skills with some expert coaching, so you can share your expertise and grow your private practice.


If you feel like your Private Practice needs help with systems, gaining referrals, effective ways to work within social media or if you have got any questions about GDPR.  If you would like to discuss in more depth or get a few more pointers on comunication and speaking.

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