How to improve your engagement with others on social media.

Nothing beats face to face meetings when it comes to growing your private practice, but social media certainly has its place too. Provided you’re (wink wink) ‘doing it right’.

One of our biggest faults when it comes to social media is to do too much broadcasting without enough engaging with our followers.

The whole point of social media is to build connections with other people, which means reaching out to them and getting to know them. That way potential referrers (or potential patients) will grow to trust you.

In the offline world, you wouldn’t expect to walk up to a stranger and say…“Hey read my awesome blurb about what a fantastic surgeon I am and why don’t you just go over there and book in to let me pluck out your gallbladder”.

Nope. That would be creepy. Let’s face it, it takes a little more warming up first doesn’t it.

Here are some Top Ninja Tips for improving how you engage with people on social media.

  Firstly start by getting your shop front in order.

By this I mean make sure your profiles are up to date. Before you yawn, ask yourself when was the last time you actually polished up your profile on LinkedIn? Is it still only saying that you went to Westminster Uni and ‘Mrs. Pripps’ convent school for girls?

Did you know that LinkedIn now lets you upload a little bit of video to your profile?

I’m going to challenge you to whip out your smartphone and record a thirty-second video of you talking about who you are, who you like to treat and what is your niche area of wizardry.

Then pop it into your YouTube account or even better upload it to your Vimeo account.

You can learn how to do that here…

Next, go to your profile area. Which you can access your profile by clicking on your small circular headshot picture. It will open up your profile page and to the right, it shows a pencil, if you click on it will enable you to edit the content of your profile page. Scroll to the bottom and you will see an area called ‘Media’.

You can then click on the link button and this will enable you to paste in the link to your video stored on your YouTube or Vimeo account.

Add a few sentences and upload, voila! You will instantly be more appealing to people because they actually get to see and hear you.

    Make comments on other peoples ‘stuff’.

If someone writes a piece or shares a tweet that’s topical, interesting, or anything you have something to say about, then comment in their feed, don’t just say great piece or re-tweet. Re-tweet with a comment.

Whatever you do don’t try to highjack that persons post for your own gain by saying something crass like…

“Funny you should say this because we have just opened an amazing clinic on Bond Street.”

Share the love and they are just as likely to share your content.

  Ask some open-ended questions.

If you are on Facebook or LinkedIn ask some open-ended questions such as “What’s your experience of how long it takes for patients to recover from an ACL reconstruction?”

When you start to get some responses, you may then be able to start up a direct conversation using direct messaging.

This is where the raw magic of clinical relationships happen on social media.

  Ask some closed questions.

Another way of putting this is, why not try running a twitter poll?

This is super easy to do even on a mobile device. Ask your audience an A or B type question. You could even have a little bit of fun with this.

You might put a picture up of a greyhound and a Labrador and ask them to choose… “Which one they think would be more suitable for being your marathon training companion”.

To set up your twitter poll, simply go to your quill pen icon on twitter to start writing a tweet. Further down the page you will see the poll icon that looks a little bit like three horizontal bars or a fancy jelly lying on its side. You can then type in your question and a choice one and choice two answer and it will allow you to set the poll for a number of days.

It’s a great way to drum up interest and these types of polls have been known to go viral.

  Ask a controversial question.

Why do you want to do something like this?

Well, social media platforms are all about algorithms and the more engagement you get and the quicker you get it the more you will see your posts being boosted up the rankings.

The trick here is to discuss both sides of an argument without judgment and ask your audience to comment on it. It could be a question like…

“Do you think the government should set the upper limit of IVF treatment as being the age of 35? Yes or no?”

We are all allowed to voice our opinions about things and it’s quite a good way to find out a bit more about the movers and shakers amongst your followers.

  And finally, be nice.

It’s perfectly okay to have a strong stance on a subject an there is absolutely no need to belittle people on it and look foolish, that the quickest way to being unfriended.

What are you doing to promote your private practice on social media? If you need some more pointers or some help setting social media marketing strategies for your private practice…

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