Are your habits sabotaging the success of your practice?

This weekend I enjoyed some scheduled (yes, I did use that word) down time, and I went to see the Pink Floyd exhibition at the V&A, entitled ‘Their Mortal Remains’. Whatever your musical taste, you can’t deny that these guys are a big deal.

It got me thinking about success, expertise, and what it takes to actually get there. Part of the exhibition shows members of the band recounting creative stories in video footage. Nick Mason demonstrated on a synthesiser (which, astonishingly, was older than I am) how they put together futuristic sounds based on endlessly practiced routines of tones.

Every time they were in the studio, the technology of the day (which was recording onto tape) meant that they had to get it right for each and every take. It wasn’t possible to record extra sounds or instruments and discard them later on. They became amazingly practiced so that they could literally turn what they played live into the recorded format.

Think how this compares to today’s recorded music world, where artists attempt to reproduce live, what they cut and pasted together in a studio.
How did pink Floyd achieve this? They achieved this with hours and hours of disciplined practice.

Regular Practice = Good Habits.

Good habits = Productivity.

Developing great habits that grow your practice is a skill that isn’t easy, but it is simple. Its as simple as “do the work”.

So how do we do the work that often evades us despite every intention to get it done?

Here are Seven Top Ninja Tips for flexing that habitual muscle:


Private practice Ninja helper  Get in the right mindset.

From this moment on, you are turning ‘Pro’ when it comes to thinking about, and taking action in, your practice development. Athletes like Mo Farah didn’t get where they are today by waiting until they were ‘feeling in the mood’ for some running.


 Private practice Ninja helper  Accept that there might need to be some considered sacrifices if you want to be super successful.

I personally believe in a work-life blend and I don’t see that the two should be rigidly separated. If you are going to grow your practice, at some point the business of working on your practice needs to be scheduled. How about a little less Netflix and a little more hustle?


Private practice Ninja helper  Commit to regular blog writing.

Ideally, this is weekly, but as a bare minimum I will accept fortnightly. Yes, it’s a challenge and a bit like piano practice, but the more you do the easier it gets.


Private practice Ninja helper  Get an accountability buddie.

Do you know how this blog happens? If I haven’t written it by Monday evening, I get a poke in the side from my Ninja Buddie Emma. She needs that Ninja blog from me first thing on Tuesday morning or there is egg on my face.

This might be a helpful read….


Private practice Ninja helper  Get control of that ‘to do’ list.

Part of the reason that we feel procrastination inertia, is that we are over whelmed by trying to carry too many projects, all at once, inside our heads. Dump all of your ‘to do’s in and app like ASANA (it’s free) and set yourself up with a KANBAN and fire through those tasks one at a time. Look out for the useful links at the bottom of this page.


Private practice Ninja helper  Learn to schedule.

Find a time slot each week when you are going to broadcast out your blog, make meetings to talk with potential referrers and interact with your social media followers. It’s not enough to just post that nice kitten picture on Instagram whist you’re in the bath, (even if your new iPhone 7 is waterproof).


Private practice Ninja helper  Get yourself out of bed.

For those of you who aren’t aware the 25th hour of the day really does exist. I found it exists at 5 am, but yours might be slotted in somewhere else. Claiming an 40 minutes each morning and getting to bed earlier (because you weren’t watching Netflix) will mean that you will have more than enough time to blog write, exercise and listen to some inspirational pod casts.


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