What goals can your private practice reach in 2018?


2017 is rapidly ticking away and hopefully, you are thinking about making 2018 a stellar year for your private practice.
It’s easy to let the clinical work completely dominate your week, but if you’re not making plans to grow your practice, chances are things will be looking pretty similar at the end of 2018.

Growth needs some targets which means setting goals. Now before you hit the mental snooze button, we are not talking about the waffle surrounding smart goals or three P goals or even football goals. I’m talking about the big strategy stuff. I’ve been spending a lot of time setting my goals for 2018 and I would encourage you to do the same.
You might be thinking “why bother? I know I’m going to work hard, do a bit of networking and maybe even run a few adverts.”

But here’s the thing:

Goals give you structure and mean that you can be really clear on where you want to go. It’s also a great confidence booster, when you see that you’re achieving what you’ve set yourself.

It can give you a real sense of what you are capable of and what you need to improve on. At the end of a year, you can take a look back at what works and what didn’t. It’s also good to keep checking in on your goals as chances are they will shift. I’m sure I don’t need to quote the science that tells us that if you actually write down your plans there is a bigger chance they are going to happen. So get scribbling!

 Private practice Ninja helper   First, you need to be clear where you stand now, which means a bit of a review.

How many new patients and follow up patients did you see in 2017?

How many procedures did you perform?

What were the top three areas of your practice that brought you the greatest income (e.g. ultrasound guided injections, insurance reports or triathlon training packages?)

What marketing did you carry out and what did that achieve in terms of income from new referrals?

Did you run Google ads or Facebook ads, and did they have a good return on investment?

Did you grow your e-mail list?

How many new connections do you have on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook?

How many lectures/speaking gigs did you present at, and how did they serve you?

 Private practice Ninja helper   What did you achieve that you weren’t planning for? 

In other words, what happened outside of those goals that you set, and how did those achievements come about? What was your single biggest-bestest-bad-a** thing that happened in your practice this year?

Did you speak at an international conference, did you add an additional clinic site to your empire, or did you manage to get to work with your dream sports team?

If so, well done you! Have a pat on the back from all of us here at the Ninja Lair. Let’s see if we can help you get some more of that happening!

Private practice Ninja helper   Having taken stock of all your achievements and accomplishments, it’s time to ask yourself what are the main areas that you need to improve upon, in terms of practice growth?

Do you need to meet with more potential referrers and spend time in clinic with them?

Do you need to spread your message further through consistent blogging and Facebook live videos?

Do you need to learn what the HECK to do on social media in the first place?

Do you need to outsource administration, so that you can free up your time for seeing patients and getting down to the biz?

Private practice Ninja helper    It’s also very important to make a NOT to do list. Ask yourself, what do you NOT want to do in 2018? 

Might this be no longer seeing patients you’re really not interested in treating?

Perhaps you’ll choose saying ‘No’ to patients that are covered by certain kinds of insurance or say a very big ‘No’ to doing your own typing?

What do you need to do or put in place, to make sure that this happens?

How might you need to change your behaviour so that you stick with this plan in 2018?

Private practice Ninja helper  This is how you are going to make it happen.

Start with taking a good half day as soon as you can before Christmas. Start with answering my questions above to review what you have been doing on 2017 and what you are going to put into your 2018 goals.

Go into your 2018 diary make a two-hour diary appointment with yourself, each month so that you can check in on your goals and review what you are achieving.

Finally, get yourself an accountability buddy and plan when and where and how often you will meet in 2018.There is nothing like knowing that somebody else is expecting you to show up with the goods to get your practice into action.

 If you need help with accountability, 

Get in touch!

I can help you to get to your 2018 goals.

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