How to get ahead with your social media and blogging, before 2018.

We are edging into November and already shops have started to put up their Christmas decorations (Yuk!) Actually, I must confess I love this time of year, mostly because it’s an awesome time to get planning.

Recently at a women’s business breakfast meeting, one of my colleagues called Caroline Flanagan shared with us how she plans her year from November to November, rather than January to January. This is how she has become a highly successful businesswoman, whilst being a mum of four.

Think about it, wouldn’t it be great to start 2018 with the engine revving, having mapped out exactly what you will be doing to raise awareness of your practice and skills for the rest of the year?

November is the ideal time to do this.


December is filled with Christmas events you wished you hadn’t agreed to attend, and January is the land of apathy and self-disappointment if you haven’t got your act together.

One of the best ways to boost your practice is to get busy with social media and blogging. But being creative on the spot can be extremely exhausting, especially when you’ve just trudged through a wall of horizontal rain, only to be boiled alive on the Central Line. With your spirit flagging, you return home to find that your email inbox has swelled to seventy-six ‘unread’ since you left outpatients, and is in much need of a gastric band procedure. Not exactly the easiest time to be getting your creative groove on.

Rather than struggling to decide each-and-every time what you are going to be blogging about/tweeting about/posting on LinkedIn, why not take a leaf out of the book of professional marketers, and make yourself a marketing diary.

Here’s how it could work…

In your sphere, they may be obvious key dates that you want to draw attention to. For example, the London marathon, Prudential Ride London, the FA cup final and Wimbledon.

But hang on a minute… There may be so many other dates that you’re not even considering.

Let me introduce to you the genius of awareness days. Love them or hate them, they are a fab way to boost engagement on social media. Yep, some are fascinating … World Toilet Day – 19th November. Some are sombre … International Brain Tumour awareness day – 21st October and some are downright ridiculous … National Toothache day – 9th February. (It’s not compulsory).

So how exactly does this help me grow my private practice?”, you may ask… Surely British Pie Week (that starts on 6th March) doesn’t immediately relate to my specialism in poorly tendons?”

The point here is that posting on social media or blogging about an awareness day topic, can help you gain more visibility when other people are also talking about it. This is great if you happen to have something interesting to share that’s pre-prepared.

Let’s take the example of International Pillow fight day – 2nd April 2018:

Now, if I’m a respiratory physician or a dermatologist, I could talk about atopy and bedding, and why it may be beneficial to choose a hypoallergenic pillow rather than a Hungarian goose down pillow for my pillow fight. I could then lead onto current advances in treatment for asthma and eczema.

If I am a physiotherapist, I could write a little tongue in cheek prose explaining how thumping my bestie with a bag of bird fluff might be a nice rotational work out for my desk-stiffened thoracic spine.

If I were a psychotherapist, I could talk about research into physical activity being a great outlet for anger (but no bricks, please, in that pillowcase).

Making a media diary can be great fun and it’s also an awesome use of your time. It basically takes the effort out of having to be creative at times when you aren’t feeling creative.

Here’s a nice little process.

Private practice Ninja helper  Treat yourself to one of those monthly desk diaries – the kind with nice big squares to scribble in. It’s the perfect excuse to splash out in Paperchase or spend your hard-earned pennies at a ‘posh’ stationery counter in Selfridges. If you’re saving your dosh for Santa, then you could go to and then scrounge some paper from the office printer and then make yourself one, Blue Peter stylee.

Fear not, tech-lovers! You can digitise it once you’ve sussed out the dates, and then you can have fun transferring it into your shiny new iPhone X (if it ever arrives).


Private practice Ninja helper Map out an afternoon (or at least 2 hours) when you will bunk off clinic. Trust me, it’s well worth the time and money spent. Go to a place that’s not the hospital, the office or somewhere where your children are lurking. You need to be in a creative mood, so it’s okay if it’s your favourite, local pub. Interestingly, caffeine has been shown to have a slightly inhibitive effect when it comes to being creative. Now is not the time to find yourself in Starbucks knocking back triple espressos.


Private practice Ninja helper Declare: “Thou shalt not leave, until the task is finished.”


Private practice Ninja helper Write the bleedin’ obvious dates in the diary, for example, Christmas, St Valentine’s day, Easter Sunday, and St David’s day (if you like leeks). Next, put in key dates that are relevant to your profession, which might be sporting events, or it could be Oncology conferences.


Private practice Ninja helper Go to Shuffle through the days of the year and pick out days that either clearly resonate with what you do, or may very well resonate with the lifestyle of the patients you want to reach out to. Pick a couple of dates per week. Note these in your diary planner, and, if you’re feeling inspired, make a note of a particular way you might want to bring your services into the mix.

For example… you might want to consider how you are going to be broadcasting the offer of a sports massage for your loved one on St Valentine’s Day, or maybe a Men’s health screening offer during Movember.


Private practice Ninja helper  Continue until you have filled your diary up until December the 31st 2018. You have my permission to drink best quality Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz, Guinness, or any kind of cocktail until this process is completed.


Private practice Ninja helper  Turn to January 2018 in your new diary, and get ahead by planning your first piece of content. Is it going to be a blog post? Something you will pop into LinkedIn? A Facebook event? Or maybe an Instagram story?


Make sure you send me a link because I really want to see it! http://www.instagram/privatepracticeninja


Using your diary in this way will really help you to gain consistency with your blogging and social media. Envisage it being all mapped out! You will never have that dreaded homework fear again.

Sometimes, we all need a little extra help in building our practices – from a business perspective, as well as a clinical one.

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