A quick way to boost your practice website’s Google ranking in just 10 minutes.


Do you think you’ve not got enough time, energy or know how for search engine optimisation (SEO)?

Think again.

Here is a nugget of wisdom. It’s a hack that you can achieve within a coffee break, which will boost that all important SEO ranking for your private practice website.

It’s all about what you write on your home page.  So many folks get this so wrong. The irony is, it’s so simple to fix. Have you ever clicked on a link which has taken you through to an achingly cool website only to discover that you couldn’t figure out what the website was all about? Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be oh so arty. Guess what? Mr Google has zero taste and isn’t going to be impressed by your ironic Mondrian-esque banner image that fills up the entire screen.

If there is no flippin’ decent text to go with it, it’s not going to rank.

Here comes the Nugget….

Ninja golden nugget

We have talked before about keyword phrases. Hopefully, by now you will have chosen a few juicy ones that sum up (in your patients’ or referrers’ language) what your practice is all about and how you can help people.

Let’s say you quite like feet and enjoy nothing more than the challenge of treating patients who have a LisFranc injury – “its yer thing”.

You might decide to aim for high ranking in Google’s opinion, for the phrase ‘LisFranc injury surgeon in London’.

You’ll need to ensure that your very favourite condition is represented in keywords that appear on your website’s home page.

I challenge you to take 10 minutes to do the following;

Sit at your PC (oh, go on then your fancy MacBook Pro) and go visit your website’s home page.

Look to see where, if at all, your chosen keyword phrase appears on that page.

If you are indeed an SEO Ninja, the first thing that any person landing on your page will read, is the main headline containing your keyword phrase.

For example: 

 Miss Ann Call-Twist is a specialist LisFranc injury surgeon based in London’.

Google will also give you extra gold stars if your keyword appears at least twice more in the body of the text further down the home page.

If your home page doesn’t mention your keyword phrase at all, (because you hired that achingly cool website designer), Google will give you the Eurovision song contest equivalent of ‘Nil Points’.

Not to worry, its an easy five minutes of re-wording sorts this problem out.

So, what are you waiting for?

Perhaps you are a little unsure about Keywords?

Click on this link HERE to read my blog page to refresh your memory.​

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