How to avoid having a ‘black hole’ blog post.

This is the fourth in a series of how get the best out of your online presence and today we are talking about promoting your post

So……… you have written your master piece. No matter how eloquent or influential your post is, it doesn’t make a jot of difference to its impact on the universe if nobody gets to read it. There’s nothing worse than a blog post that never saw the light of day, as if it slipped into an internet black hole.

Each LinkedIn post or blog post resides in a single home. It’s a bit like a shopfront or market stall. You can’t physically take it places but you can attract people to come and visit it. Hopefully they’ll gaze upon your pretty ideas and maybe do a bit of intellectual window shopping.

So, how do you get your potential referrers and patients to come and check out your fab literature?

Here are our top Private practice Ninja tips to help you avoid having a ‘Billy No Mates’ blog post.

Private practice Ninja helper  Don’t forget to connect your blogging with your current e-mail list.

If you have a list of referrers and patients that you regularly broadcast to (and you really should be keeping a list), then don’t forget to update them with your fantastic blog post! This will keep you front and centre in their minds, so that you don’t so readily slip off their radar.

Private practice Ninja helper Failing to use social media to boost your post.

Believe it or not, writing the blog post is the easy part. Getting people to read it is another matter. Why not make use of the social media platforms which will appeal to your readers. This might be Twitter, perhaps it’s Facebook, or maybe even Instagram (if you’re a dermatologist). You are going to need to tell them about your post and make a link to it with a shortened URL.

The URL is internet speak for the address of where your blog post resides in cyberspace. This could be a page a LinkedIn area or it could be a page on your website. Try using or to abbreviate your URL, so that you don’t have to use up those precious characters in Twitter.

Tweet about your blog post


Private practice Ninja helper Writing your amazing blog or LinkedIn post and only tweeting about it once.

This is actually the biggest mistake we see on a very regular basis. Some Clinicians are under the misapprehension that they will be pestering or annoying people by broadcasting news more than once, but when you think of the speed that the Twitter feed rolls by, this is ridiculous.

You MUST dedicate time and energy to promote your post. If you think that you don’t have the time to make a noise on social media, then think again, as all of your efforts in writing the post may be going to waste.

 Use a couple of #s (hashtags) – not more – and ask people to retweet your blog post’s URL link. Guess what? Stats show you’re twelve times more likely to get re-tweets if you actually ask for it.

Private practice Ninja helper Use an engaging photo to advertise your post.

Within social media, this is the best way to get people to click through to the URL link. It’s time to pap up your print!

Private practice Ninja helper Make sure you give a ‘call to action’.

You want your post to ask somebody to do something. This could be suggesting that the patient with the icky-sticky rash who’s reading the post, books in to see you. Alternatively, you could sow a seed in the mind of the potential referrer, to take action and send you the very next patient they see, who has that wibbly, bendy elbow problem you wrote so confidently about.

Private practice Ninja helper And finally, failing to use a social media scheduling machine such as ‘Buffer’ to schedule your posts.

I don’t know what you are doing at 9.10am in the morning but I’m either examining someone’s hip or staring at an MRI image of a hip. Because I’m not Clark Kent, I can’t also be on my smart phone at 9.10am, tweeting about ‘how to manage a stress fracture’.

Spending approximately £9 a month for a Buffer account, is a great way to pre-load your Tweets, LinkedIn posts and Instagram feeds. It magically means you can be in cyberspace and clinic at the same time.

Or, you could make like Dolly the Sheep and clone yourself.

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