6 Ways to improve your ‘About’ page.


Your ‘About’ page is very likely to be one of the most visited pages on your website, and yet ‘about’ pages often have the least planning put into them.
Have a little read of the following and see if you can make a swift improvement of yours…

Private practice Ninja helper  It’s not about you – it’s about the patient.

It seems weird to say that the ‘About’ page shouldn’t be about you, but it’s true. Potential patients and referrers want to sus out quickly if you can help them, which means that they want to read about their problem in your about page.

What might this look like?
Let’s imagine you are a foot and ankle surgeon and you like nothing better than performing a nifty Brostrom’s procedure on a wobbly ankle.

Here is what not to write…
“I specialise in the augmentation of the traditional anatomical repair for lateral ankle ligament instability, by use of the internal brace.”

Instead,try writing like this…
“Do you feel like it is taking forever to get over an ankle sprain that you had over a year ago, and are you frustrated that you can’t get back to running? I get it … I can guide you through a proper assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan, which sometimes involves a surgical procedure called a Brostrom’s repair with an internal brace.”

Private practice Ninja helper  Write your ‘About’ page for your audience.

What are the specific problems that your patients present with, and what keeps them awake at night time?

Keep in your mind who your potential patients and referees are. Are they middle-aged stressed executives with strange chest pains, or are they perimenopausal ladies fed up with trying to figure out how to deal with their mood swings?

How can you help patients feel better, or more at ease?

You need to write in their language about their concerns, which brings me to…

Private practice Ninja helper  Overusing medical jargon.

Whilst some patients will Google the exact wording of their condition, the vast majority of patients tend to google their symptoms. So rather than talking about ‘Re-entrant Tachycardia’ or ‘Wolff Parkinson White syndrome’, why not talk about symptoms of a pounding or racing heartbeat?

Private practice Ninja helper  Quit writing boring lists.

Yes, patients want to know that you have the appropriate clinical training, but they don’t want to read a giant list of every clinical paper you have ever written, the twenty-six committee chairs you have sat on, or the six different surgical instruments that proudly now bear your surname.

Its sooooo boring, and instead patients might like to hear a bit about what makes you human.

Can you use a little storytelling to illustrate why you found yourself in this particular field? Did you have a bad experience of asthma treatment growing up? Are you also an osteoporosis sufferer, or maybe you have personally suffered from acne and you want to help similar patients?

Private practice Ninja helper  Use your about pages to eliminate objections.

Patients will want to find evidence for why they should come to see you in particular.

They will be asking themselves “are you the right clinician for me?”

Sometimes it actually helps to state the obvious here and say something along the lines of…

“You might be wondering whether or not I’m the right person/dermatologist/respiratory physician to see and treat you?”

You then want to follow it with some evidence of the solution to the problem that your patients present with. This might be in the form of some helpful stats…
“Last year, I helped two hundred and fifty patients with hip pain, get back to an active life”

Or, you might want to use patient testimonials that you insert into the about page. If you are feeling super keen you could even use a little video clip of you talking to camera about how you have been able to help all of those wobbly runners.

Private practice Ninja helper Don’t forget to use and excellent headshot picture.

Patients really want to see what you look like, they don’t want to see a stock photo of a happy runner, even if it is one of your happy runners. Don’t be afraid to show yourself as the relaxed and smiley version of you.

Whatever you do, make sure you use a good quality photograph that has been taken by a professional photographer. It will make all the difference in how you come across to the patient.

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