4 Marketing mistakes you may be making in your private practice.

1. ‘I’m just not that Techy’

Hiding behind this excuse is going to see you left behind! You wouldn’t stand for outdated clinical practices. (Do you remember the days when Consultants put patients with back pain on constant bed rest?) Don’t put up with deficiencies in your tech savviness! Tech can be simple, fun and make process you carry out every day lightning fast. If a two year old can operate an iPad, YOU can learn how to use tech…

2. Feeling overwhelmed and never getting started?

Many clients we work with shy away from very helpful marketing tools because they feel overwhelmed by their lack of experience at using software and apps. The end result is that they don’t even try.

Big mistake! Blogging, social media and direct email communication can be highly effective, quick to do and has a very low running cost. Often it will leave a lasting Google trail still benefitting you long after it was posted. This is a far cheaper and more effective strategy than paper or magazine advertising.

3. Total marketing abdication.

Relying on the complete outsourcing of all of your marketing and failing to take responsibility for what gets posted into the universe online, is not a great strategy.

Sometimes clinicians feel like they have ticked the “marketing box” by abdicating this to a marketing company. The trouble is, it’s a rarely an effective way to broadcast your patients’ success stories, explain the kinds of problems you solve and put over your personality to your potential clients. It’s usually a one way engagement and you don’t get to interact with your audience.

By all means delegate the posting of your internet content, but the content does need to come from you. If you find this difficult, you can use strategies such as interview ‘Q and A’s , short videos or even audio clips, if putting pen to paper seems too much like hard work.

4. Failing to diarise regular time for marketing.

Many people don’t push on with their aspirations for marketing their practice, because they simply never get around to making enough time for it. Social media, blogging and any other tool that you use, really doesn’t take a lot of time out of your week. It will take a little investment of time to set it up correctly – but it will be well worth it.

You also need to be disciplined enough to carve out a small area in your diary where you take care of this each and every week. This might be a single hour on a Sunday afternoon (with a glass of wine), or it could be that your finish clinic one patient early. Ensure that you have enough energy and verve to make this part of your regular routine!

It helps if you keep a little book of content ideas, or better still why not take a day away from clinic to map out an editorial calendar for the entire year. This might include interesting ‘awareness days’ around your clinical problems that you solve or key sporting events. This way you are not scrabbling around for writing ideas.

If you are struggling with getting going with your marketing strategies?

Sometimes, we all need a little extra help in building our practices – from a business perspective, as well as a clinical one.

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