Three things you need to do this Christmas in your Private Practice.

Are you feeling the pressure this Christmas time?

Isn’t it strange how patients all want to get in the door to see you before December the 25th, and then they vanish into thin air come the new year?

Here are our…

Top three Ninja tips for a Cool Yule.

1. Prepare your return in 2019!

Hopefully, as a business owner (and private practice is indeed a business) you will be permitting yourself some well-deserved time off to spend with people who love you. Whilst it’s unrealistic to be able to completely switch off from patient contact over the festive season, you can at least do your best to prep for the new year.

Don’t settle for having a quiet first week or two in the new year. Fill that diary!

Rather than saying to a patient…
” let’s see how it goes and then review things in the new year”, book them an actual appointment there and then for the first week in the new year. Chances are their diaries will free at that point in time too.


The new year brings new health and fitness aspirations for many patients. So, what can you quickly put together as a little offering for them?

For example:
If you are a physio with a Pilates slant, can you put together a new year offer that you send out to your email list. Maybe, a block of 12 Pilates classes for the price of 10 (sign up by January the 5th.)


2. Prepare for a time of learning.

January and February can be gloomy months for some people once all of the festivities and social times have ended.

Awwhh. Shucks. Dig out that SAD lamp and get stuck in to some personal improvement!

What better time is there to update that CPD portfolio and get some inspiration booked in or a conference ticket purchased?

Better still, what business skills workshops or Master classes could you join?

Take a half day and plan out your Private Practice business goals with your free

Ninja guide here…

and get stuck in. We’re here if you’d like some one-to-one business coaching.


3. Say ‘Thank you’ to the people that matter.

Nobody works in isolation in Private Practice. Now is the time to say a hearty ‘thank you’ to those who have made your practice what it is.
Sometimes the pressure of getting ready for Christmas can make us a bit, shall we say ‘a little bit snippy’  with other people (aka ‘getting your cow on’ as my veterinary surgeon Mother would put it). These are the very people who are looking after us, and whom we should be sweetness and light with.

If you are reading this before Christmas, get on the case, even if you’ve missed the last post, it’s not too late to surprise them in the new year. I like two methods of saying thank you. The ‘Break the bank’ way and the ‘Don’t break the bank’ way.

  ‘Break the bank.’

My favourite way to say ‘Whoop! Whoop! Thank You!’ is with a surprise case of posh, sparkly drinkypoos from good old Majestic Wine. Alternatively, for my non-drinking chums, I will send them many, many indulgent things from Hotel Chocolat. There is also an app that you can send them a gift voucher via.
While this is an expensive treat, I’m sure the people you are sending it to would have been worth their weight in referrals.


  ‘Don’t break the bank.’

Feeling a bit brassic this time of year?

Why not send your referrers and loyal patients a personalised email video using my new best friend app Bonjoro? Bonjoro is a video app that allows you to email videos to people you want to connect with or say a bloody big thank you to. Bonjoro offers a free trial, so why not get using it over Christmas?.

Go to, link it to your email system and start sending out a little quick series of videos via your smartphone. To people who have shown you the love.

Nothing is nicer than receiving a personal thank you and Christmas is certainly the time for giving.

From everyone at Private Practice Ninja, we wish you a peaceful Christmas and prosperous new year.



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