Reboot your Private Practice.

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Let’s face it, 2020 has kicked many Private Healthcare Clinicians in the backside. But even if the COVID 19 Pandemic has impacted your bottom line, now’s the time to take action – it’s back to school and time for a reboot.


Let’s hit control-alt-delete and give your Private Practice a little ‘reboot.’


Get stuck into the following:


Reflect on exactly where you are now- but not for long.

Research by L.E.K. Consulting tells us that some patients are still playing the hiding game, with over 35% of patients with private healthcare saying they would continue to wait longer or postpone treatment until a vaccine is available.

In addition to this, many of us have found our patient’s geography shifting; rather than coming into work in the city, they’ve remained at home and have accessed private healthcare that’s on their doorstep (as opposed to being close to their place of work).


The first thing to do is to gather a little data. Look at your patient numbers for this past three months – initial patient numbers and follow up patient numbers.


Compare those figures to where you were last year. Ask yourself, what is the difference in your figures, i.e. how many additional patients (in terms of initials and follow ups) do you need to attract back to clinic, to bring you up to your former numbers?


Let these numbers be your new goals. Even if we can’t return to the past, setting a goal for patient numbers to attain has the tendency to kick us in to action to go get ‘em.

Win back your old patients.

I know you’ll have already reached out to patients around lockdown time, but now that we are in new times, some patients still haven’t got the message that it’s OK to come to clinic if they need to.


You might think that they will naturally remember to get in touch with you, but unless you remind them that you’re available to help, they might wander off elsewhere.


How can you reconnect with past patients? In an ideal world, you’ll have a GDRP compliant email list of patients ready and willing to hear from you.Don’t have an email list? Now’s a great time start one. But in the meantime, jump into your social media accounts, and post up a vlog or blog with a specific goal in mind – getting people to come to see you with a specific problem.


For example, in my MSK world, we’ve been seeing many patients presenting late who have dreadful radicular symptoms (probably induced by too much zoom time, and not enough Pilates). We’ve seen Joe Wicks enthusiasts who’ve blown a calf, and a big spike in stress fractures in runners. You can write a blog, or produce an educational video that speaks to those problems, which you can send you to your email list.


Just because they saw you for a different problem in the past, doesn’t make you instantly top of their list when they get a new sort of problem. Why? Because it simply might not occur to them that you also treat ‘x’ as well as ‘y’.

Breathe some life into your marketing by talking about problems, first.

When we’re trying to get new patients into clinic, it can be tempting to use our marketing to tell people how we can help them. Instead, take a look at your marketing and revamp it so that it talks about the patient’s problem BEFORE you talk about the solution that you can offer.


This is really important, because unless patients see that you ‘get’ them, your marketing will be much less effective.


How can you go about this? Make a list of the problems that you solve for patients and then think back to the language that they use.


For example, if you’re a respiratory Consultant who specialises in the early detection of lung cancer, rather than talking about your amazing diagnostic process and radiological skills, you could talk about: ‘have you had a cough that’s lasted more than three weeks and you’re worried about lung cancer? I can help’.


If you’re a physio or osteo, and you treat runners with knee pain, rather than talking about your ‘holistic and biomechanical approach to help you get back to running’, maybe talk about ‘are you struggling with knee pain that’s jeopardising your debut marathon? Don’t wait ‘till the last minute – book in now and let’s get you to the start line’.

Refresh your website words.

OK. So, you’ve re-defined how you’re going to ‘speak’ to the patient’s problem – now get that happening on your website and on social media. On your ‘home’ page, scrub out those naff words that say ‘welcome to my website’, or ‘I aim to provide you with expert clinical care’ and instead put a bold statement such as ‘Fed up of back pain getting in the way of your sport?’

Get some business mentoring.

It’s really easy to get lost in the day-to-day of running your Private Practice, and to procrastinate over what to do to grow you practice. How do you know where to best put your time and effort, and what is actually going to work?

That’s where coaching comes in. And a huge part of that is accountability. Many Clinicians have a ‘sort of an idea’ of where they want to be going with their practice, but little in the way of plan to implement it, and no-one checking up on them to see.

Rather than waiting for the world to return to what it was, reach out to patients NOW, and keep reaching out to them. Remind them of all the safety measures you have in place, and that you’re already helping dozens of patients just like them.

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