Consultancy & Coaching

Consultancy & Coaching

Are you starting out in Private Practice, or a fed up with how long it’s taking you to get established?
Looking for help with marketing the clinicians in your private healthcare organisation or physiotherapy practice?
We provide one to one business and marketing coaching for individual clinicians, as well as marketing consultancy for large healthcare companies who are looking to grow and thrive.

Fast track Your Private Practice with Consultancy & Coaching

Well done for being smart, taking that first step and realising there can be an easier way to quickly grow your practice.

During your Private Practice Coaching, You will Discover:

  • Let's (re)design your ideal PrivatePractice, so it can support your lifestyle, and the way you want to work.

  • We'll discover what you want to be known for, and how to position yourself in terms of marketing.

  • We'll develop strategy for marketing your practice, so you'll have a reliable stream of patients you love to treat.

How to Build Your Well-Oiled Practice Machine

  • We'll rationalise your practice's systems and processes, so that you make the best use of your time and money.

  • We'll examine your pricing structures, services and ways to increase revenue.

  • You'll learn how to build your practice team, freeing your time for patient care (or for yourself!)

Marketing and Social Media

  • Learn how to get your web presence (and SEO) working for you, and how to blog and vlog.

  • Learn how to set up and build an email list to attract referrals and engage with referrers.

  • Learn how to efficiently use social media to attract patients and referrers.

How to Grow Your Patient Numbers Without the 'Sell'

  • Learn how to develop a system to connect with referrers, and keep building your patient referral numbers.

  • Learn how to position yourself as the ‘go-to' person for the patients you want to attract.

  • Learn how to remove barriers to patients finding you.

How Does Ninja Consulting & Coaching Work
and What Does It Cost?

  • Whilst everyone's needs are a little different, we recommend starting with a ‘deep-dive' one-to-one business coaching day, offsite and without distractions, so that we can focus on building and implementing a strategy to grow your practice.

  • To ensure momentum continues, we recommend this be followed by either two half-day sessions (scheduled at 2 and 6 months later), or a series of scheduled monthly ‘Zoom' video conference coaching call (e.g. for 1-2 hours).

  • Ninjas believe in the power of accountability, so we'll be encouraging with regular email prompt and updates throughout the process.

  • At the end of the kick start programme, you'll be very clear on your niche, how to market your practice, and you'll have streamlined your practice's systems and processes to save you money and time.

  • As part of the programme, you'll get to benefit from our very large network. We'll handpick clinicians from our network we believe you will benefit from meeting, and personally make that introduction, so you can meet people we know would be likely to very like to refer to you.  These one-to-one introductions typically form long-term relationships and have proven invaluable to our coaching clients, professionally (and profitably). Our clients tell us that this aspect of our service alone has more than paid for their coaching investment.

  • The Ninja kick start business coaching day is £950, half-day coaching sessions are £500 and our Zoom video calls are £175/hour.

This program is designed to kick start big growth in your practice, and teach you the ‘how to' skills for success.

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