Why you should be using video to grow your private practice.

Now, you may be thinking…

“What on earth has video got to do with private practice? Surely video’s all about people searching for YouTube fame; it’s about silly kittens, teenagers making slime, all that nonsense. I’m a serious clinician. What on earth has that got to do with me?”


Well, in case you need a little bit of persuading, there are pretty powerful statistics, and my concern is that if we don’t engage with video and get used to making video for our patients, we’re going to get left behind.

‘Cisco’ tells us that by the end of 2019, 80% of content that’s online is going to be consumed will be via video, that’s pretty big.

‘YouTube’ tells us that every year, people watching video on their mobile phones goes up by 100%, that’s phenomenal.

We know that patients are online researchers, and in fact, 70% of the time patients will have made up their mind about us before they even get in touch.

Companies that use video to promote their services, get 40% more organic traffic than companies that don’t. In other words, that’s 40% being sent to you for free by ‘Google’ because you bothered to put video on your website.

There are some incredible human statistics as well...

Did you know if somebody views video rather than reading something they’re nine times more likely to recall what’s been said in it? People are 90% more likely to share video if they’re sharing content on social media that’s video as opposed to text and images.

That’s pretty powerful.

Frankly, we all need to be ‘getting in there’.

So, why does video actually work in Private Practice?

You might be thinking…

“We’re not just in this for being something fashionable, are we, Cath?”


Well, I would say, video more than any other medium can…

Help us build trust with our patients.

I dont need to tell you trust is hugely important in medicine. If someone’s thinking about coming to see you, they’ve usually got two things in mind.

  “Is this person going to be able to help me?” In other words, are they the person that can help solve my problem where it’s not been solved before?

  “When I go to see that person, are they going to be nice, are they going to be grumpy, are they going to be aloof, are they going to be an orthopedic surgeon?” (No offence to orthopedic colleagues, just stereotyping there.) Are they frankly going to be a bit of a git and call me a raving hypochondriac?

Patients are worried about these things, but if they see some video of us and they feel like we’re a nice person, there’s a little bit of trust there like they’re already getting to know us. They’re far more likely to book in with us.

The next thing that video does is it..

Helps your SEO.

That’s not because Google necessarily rewards video, it’s more about how long people spend on your website. Now, you might know that there’s this thing called a ‘bounce rate’.

What’s more important to Google actually is not whether people bounce off your website, it’s how long they stay on your website.

If they pop on over to your website, having searched ‘London’s greatest orthopedic knee surgeons’, and there’s no video there, chances are, they’re going to hop off quite quick. Google might think,“Oh, your website’s not all that.” But actually, if a patient comes and mooches around and spends 15 minutes gorging their way through several videos you’ve got on your site, Google’s going to think your site is smoking hot, and reward you by pushing you further up the search engine ranks.

The final thing that video helps you to do is it…

Gives you the opportunity for some live interaction.

If you’re feeling a bit brave, doing ‘Facebook Lives’, for example, means that you can be in real time answering patients questions, and also we actually get the little bit of benefit that we get to hear exactly the words that patients are using. That’s really important when we’re developing content for our patients because we can communicate with them in their own words.

We all need to be getting into this video malarkey, and my challenge to you in 2019 is to dive into video with me.

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