What are you doing to take care of you and your business?

Today I came home early from work. Its super unusual for me to do this, but my dicky neck has been getting the better of me.


Because I haven’t been taking care of it.

My nurturing mother would tell me “it serves me right”. (She’s a vet).

Whilst my desk set up at home is perfectly tailored to my short legs and my even shorter arms, the hospital clinic desks and screens that I share with others aren’t – shall we say – ‘bespoke’. No matter how much I jiggle them around, I’m a tiny woman living in a tall man’s world (or so it seems).

Normally I can manage to shrug off my pesky C6 root’symptoms by bed time. I’ll convince myself that it’s ‘not too bad’ and a hot bath/neural flossing/cabernet sauvingon will sort it out.

If that’s not bad enough, I’m also cr*p about going to see my osteopath. Why? She’s so awesome that, she’s always booked up weeks in advance.

Instead of doing what I should be doing (and snapping up some future dates and sticking them into the diary), I soldier on regardless and then get home and whine to my hubby about how ‘fed up with it all’ I am.

Doctors make notoriously bad patients and it got me thinking about how we should be taking better care of ourselves and not just our patients? (And before you remind me, yes. I am going to get that hip replaced. Eventually)

How good are you at maintaining the person who maintains?

Let me ask you …

How many times last week did your head hit the pillow before 10 pm, or, did ‘Making of a murderer 2’, egged on by a couple of large Gordon’s pink gins, hold you hostage on the couch ‘till gone midnight?

And it’s not just about health.

What else are you doing (or not doing) that might be stifling your personal growth in your Private Practice?

When was the last time you booked yourself onto a course about how to be a better speaker or how to improve your tech skills?

Do you ever find yourself battling with the dilemma as to whether to invest in the awesome ‘Shoulder Gods 356’course, when really you have a hunch that you would much rather be learning something that will improve your marketing skills and cash flow?

Isn’t it time to let go of some of the old stereotypical ways of thinking and realise that it’s okay to nurture your business skills as well as your clinical skills?

And finally, who are you surrounding yourself with, in terms of a supportive clan?

Are you hanging out with a bunch of go-getters or a sad gang of old-school thinkers who just want to bitch about having to jump through appraisal hoops?

Whom we spend our time with has a huge impact on us (which is probably why I increasingly choose to spend my time with business building creatives).

   Tackle a health niggle that you have been procrastinating over sorting out. If you really can’t think of one, get a flu jab.


   Book yourself onto a course or get some coaching to improve a nonclinical skill that will help you grow your Private Practice.


   Ditch the cr*p friend that drags you down and make a new awesome business buddy.

Doctor’s orders.

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