We can professional edit your video content so that you don't have to.



  • Shoot your video on your smart phone.

  • We'll send you an app so you can upload it securely to our platform for editing.

  • We'll liaise with you about setting up a Vimeo account which will host your video.
  • We'll liaise with you about branding and styling for your video. We can add logos, images and music too.

  • We'll set up branded templates and professioanally edit your video.

  • We'll upload your video to Vimeo.


  • Once you video is hosted on Vimeo you can upload it to your website.

  • You can then repurpose your videos onto your social media platforms or use them in your email campaigns.

The Price

Most of the Clinicians who use our service, batch their content.

They may be producing regular vlogs to promote their Private Practice, and after their video shoot, they send us their content via our secure upload facility.

They typically do this on a recurring basis – but you can of course send us video as and when you wish.

There is an initial set up fee to get the branding and styling just right (£175) and an annual cost for your own Vimeo account, which is around £6 per month.

After that, it's just the cost of the editing. We can edit in blocks of three videos (£225) – about what what you'd earn from an initial patient consultation if you're a Consultant. 

Consistent video production will help you to significantly grow your Private Practice.

The maximum video file length you can submit is 20 minutes, but we will aim to keep the final edit under 10 minutes (because social media tends to have a maximum ten minute cut off). Bear this in mind when you're shooting. Most of our edited videos are around 5 minutes in length.

Once we've set up your branding and video styling templates, we aim to turn around your video editing in two weeks.

What Ninja Clients say

I had such fun and finally feel like I have a hold on videos! Thank you!!

Helen O'Leary - Complete Pilates

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