How to have a successful Private Practice in 2022

How did your Private Practice fare in 2021?

How do you feel about that?

What worked really well?

What sucked?

Many of the Clinicians I work with tell me that 2021 has left them feeling in a bit of a limbo. They’ve been treading water for months and are experiencing loss of motivational steam.

What about you?

None of us expected we’d still be in a bit of a Covid mess almost two years after it all started, and many Clinicians aren’t seeing patients flooding back into clinic, post-lockdown.

How’d ya like to finish 2022 knowing the year had been epic in your Private Practice?

Great. It’s time to make some changes.

How’s about instead of letting 2022 “happen”, and instead of “drifting” into January, you grab 2022 by the scuff of its metaphorical neck, and you take it in the direction you want it to go?

Wouldn’t that be a good idea?

What do you really want to achieve in your Private Practice?

What would you love to be earning?

How much time do you dream of taking off with your family?

Want to reclaim all your weekends

Want to stop worrying about money?

Perhaps you’ve started each year with good intentions, setting goals, and even writing them down.

Perhaps you stopped looking at them after a while, and somehow never quite got around starting.

Forget what you might have learned about setting realistic goals with realistic time frames.

It's time to set some big, hairy, scary goals.

Goals that in a movie would make you wake up in a sweat if your life depended on accomplishing them.

Here’s the problem with setting “sensible”, overtly achievable goals.

When there’s risk in the goal, it increases your motivation. There’s even science to prove that difficult goals are far more likely to generate sustained enthusiasm and higher levels of performance.

Need some inspiration?

The amazing ADHD Nurse, Vicki, joined the Private Practice Ninja Academy just a few months ago. She’d never worked in Private Practice before and set herself the bodacious goal of setting up an ADHD practice that would give her a fabulous income, and a working week that suited her. Not only did she absolutely nail getting it off the ground, but she’s also now so successful that she has a long waiting list. All within a few short months. She set the bad-ass goal, and then knocked it out of the park. The goal was scary, she doubted herself numerous times along the way, but is now the go-to clinician for ADHD assessment.

Need help with setting and achieving some bold goals for your Private Practice?

Then stop hesitating and join the Private Practice Ninja Academy.

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