Private Practice – Is it really worth it?

Have you been bogged down by GDPR lately and are maybe feeling a little tied up with all the red tape that Private Practice can bring?


Maybe you’ve been wondering if it’s just too much like hard work and probably not worth the extortionate indemnity fees. Are wondering if you should give it up?


Perhaps you’re enviously looking at your colleagues who are 100% NHS, who are smug in the knowledge that their trust has all that GDPR stuff taken care of?


If you are a Physio or Osteo, do you have days when you look at your bank balance and realise that it’s less than what you were earning five years ago (when you worked for somebody else?)

SPOILER ALERT: Private Practice isn’t for everyone!

Don’t get me wrong, I earn a very nice living, as a 100% Private Practice consultant. But there are pros and cons to Private Practice – let’s take a look at the ‘cons’.

In the NHS everything is pretty much taken care of; you don’t have to worry about GDPR or PHIN, or figuring out that marketing malarkey and where your next patient is coming from.

You can earn a tidy wage (circa One hundred thousand pounds as a full-time NHS consultant) and you get paid to go on holiday.

You don’t have to worry about tax/billing/your website/setting up medical admin/learning the finer points of social media.

Private medical insurers are putting a squeeze on the money that you can earn and there are fewer and fewer people signing up for it.

In the early days, when clinics are less-than-full, you still get to pay for the entire time you sit on your bum in that clinic room.

It can be a lonely existence, and to top it off, someone leaves a nasty review of you on a website, and one of the local GPs is shunning you because you’ve “gone over to the dark side”. Sound familiar?

Private Practice doesn’t suit everyone. It’s perfectly okay to throw in the towel and settle for turning up at your NHS hospital location, Monday to Friday (and on-calls). Forever.

I know, it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, I am positively evangelistic about Private Practice at the moment. Particularly when everyone is busy banging on about it being an over-crowed and ever decreasing pond. My reaction is –What a lot of tosh – Allow me to counter with the ‘pros’.

Firstly, if you are feeling jaded you probably need to re-connect with your “why”.

I don’t know about you, but I got into private practice because as a sports doctor, it drove me potty that I couldn’t help an athletic patient with a probable stress fracture get an MRI. For eight weeks.

I also realised that I had little choice over the kind of patients I was sent. I love helping runners and triathletes with hip and groin pain (and If I say so myself, I’m not half bad at it either). I am not so interested, however, in trying to help patients who have no inclination whatsoever, of being active.
An afternoon spent with a ‘gentleman’ who told me that “I’m not going to do no effing physio” and who was kind enough to share with me his ‘pride’ about being in a family of third generation disability living allowance claimants, pretty much nailed the lid in the coffin of my NHS career. And so Private Practice became my life.

I adore looking after patients who truly want to be better. And who turn up, and who smell nice – okay, okay, so sometimes athletes can get a bit stinky, but at least they want to get better.
They are my kind of peeps, if you know what I mean. You will have your kind of people, too. Surely that’s a win-win?

A second “why” might be, wanting to earn a decent living.

It’s possible to bring home lots more bacon for your family if you learn how to get proper systems and processes in place, niche down, and learn how to market yourself. Anyone can to do this – and those Private Practice Entrepreneurs I’ve coached have been successful because they’ve gone about it in a methodical way. If they can do it, you can do it.

You might also wish to grow a little ‘Physio Empire’, or a parallel business interest. Private Practice gives you the freedom to do this.

Let me say this out loud and clear… Ambition is NOT a dirty word.

Yes there is work, yes there is admin, and yes there is have to get out there and spend time telling folk how you can help them.
But, Private Practice means you will be fully in control, fulfilled, and financially independent.

Are you with me?

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