Why you need to get on video NOW

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Are you using video to promote your Private Practice?

If not, why not?

We’ve been in lockdown during the COVID pandemic for hundred days now. Chances are, if you’re not already making video, you will have video experience, because you will have been on Zoom with your patients and your colleagues. A lot.

Now, more than ever, we need to be online, making video for our patients, talking about what we’re best at treating, and putting video content on our websites, because frankly, video is only going to get bigger.

The stats for video’s effectiveness are overwhelming:

Did you know that 80% of content that’s consumed online is in video format?

By the end of this year, we’ll see the number of YouTube viewers go up by 100% (again).

Websites that have video content get 40% more organic traffic.

Content in video format is nine times more likely to be remembered by patients than images or text alone.

I’m willing to guess that there are still some reasons that may be holding you back from producing video.

Maybe you’re worried that it’s going to look or sound a bit naff? Which is daft, whenthere are easy fixes for that.

Let’s start with sound, which is hugely important.

If you’re making video using your smartphone and it’s being held a little away from you mouth, the sound may not pick up as well. A quick fix is a lapel mic, e.g. a Rode Lav+ if you’ve got an iPhone, and it wil cost you just 50 pounds. You can get with it a ‘dead cat’, which is a furry cover that sits on the mic which will stop any wind rustle if you’re recording outside. Carry it with you everywhere you go, and you’ll always be video ready.

The next thing is to remember about where the light is. Avoid silhouetting yourself against the window, even if the view outside is pretty. Find a well-lit corner of a room, and make sure that the light is shining onto you. If at all possible, make use of natural light. If you’re recording video using the webcam of your desktop or laptop, use a ring light to cast gentle light onto your face – it really improves the video quality.

I’m often told by clinicians that they’re worried that they’re going to come across badly on video – that they’ll say too many ‘ums and ahhs‘ or maybe appear ‘stiff’. My top tip for you is to ham it up a little bit 😁!

When we’re on camera, we tend to flatten our facial expressions. It’s as if the lens makes us really self-concious. Instead, take your best, most exotic persona, add on 10%, and you’ve got it about right. If it feels like it’s a little bit over the top, you’re just spot on.

Once you’re more comfortable with speaking on camera, I want to challenge you to learn to edit your own videos. This is easy to learn – I promise you. One of the reasons people struggle with it is, when they’re recording, they’re not including little pauses that make the editing super easy. Chances are, you’ll need to cut some bits out of your video, so follow these tips for easy editing:


Each time you go to speak, I want you to pause… smile…. and then talk. And then crucially, at the end of speaking, I want you to smile again. It may seem a little false, but it will enable you to have plenty of margin for cropping into, and you can always take out the smile if it doesn’t seem fitting at the time. A smile produces a nice bookend around that section of speaking time. Resist the urge to look away or look at your notes, the moment you’ve finished a section. Discipline yourself to always end the section by looking at the lens for a couple of seconds.

Remember, you don’t have to be a one-take wonder. It’s always so much easier to edit than to try to make it work in one take.

Once you’re adept at making video for your website and putting it on social media, what about going live?

The brilliant thing about live video is that you can repurpose it for your website and social channels after the ‘live’ has taken place. Whilst the hope is you will get viewers turning up and interacting with you on the ‘live’ call, the majority of people who are going to view your video will be watching you after the ‘live’ event. When you’re starting off your ‘live’, it’s nice to thank people who are watching the replay; after all, it will take a few moments for your live attendees to assemble anyway. Start by thanking ‘all the people who are watching this on the replay’, and then go straight into what you’re going to be talking about.

As human beings, we like to stay the course if someone is telling us to stay the course. So, try using number lists of things you’re going to cover. For instance, ‘I’m going to be talking about five things that will enable you run that marathon without hitting the wall.’ Our human brain is wired to want to watch all of them, in case the last thing is the very best thing.

One of the reasons we want people to watch to the end is to get the ‘live’ or social platform algorithms working for us. The longer they watch, the better the algorithms rate our video content. If you can keep people staying to the end, and keep their interest, then the algorithm will push you up the rankings and show your content to more organic viewers.

Finally, at the end of your ‘live’, it’s really important that you have a call to action. Perhaps you could say ‘watch the other videos in this series’ or ‘sign up to my email list’, or even ‘book an appointment’.

Take your ‘live’ video, and make it evergreen by putting it in your blog section on your website. Don’t forget, you can also put snippets of it as ‘teasers’ on your social channels.

Start making video now, if you’re not already doing so. And if you’re struggling with making video, and you need a little bit of encouragement from some peers and a little bit of accountability, why not join our Ninja Zoom calls every Wednesday evening at 6:00 p.m.? It’s totally free, you turn up with a glass in your hand, and it’s an hour of good banter and structured learning. We’d love to see you there.

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