GDPR requirements for Doctors, Physios and Osteos. Are you compliant?

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Are you a Doctor, Physio, or Osteo? Do you know what your GDPR requirements are, and are you truly compliant? Explore the common mistakes clinicians make in trying to become GDPR compliant, including the privacy notice, not having data processor to data controller agreements in place, hardware encryption, and data breach policies.

Why private practice Ninja business coaching will help you achieve your best year ever.

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There are Six key areas that clinicians typically tend to struggle with that we see time and time again. Weat Private Practice Ninja have the solutions for these.

What to do if you have a personal data breach in your Private Practice.

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Do you know how to deal with a personal data breach? Even with the best systems and processes in place, things can go awry. This is made even scarier and stressful if you learn of the breach in the middle of a very packed clinic. The ICO gives you 72 hours to report a breach, this is how you deal with it.

Sent an email in error? How Egress can save the day!

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Egress is the industry leader in email encryption, it has a nice app, and it sends my emails super-securely, but my favourite thing about Egress is, its ability to ‘revoke’ an email. In other words, if you act swiftly, you can block the email being opened by the unintended recipient.

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