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Make 2020 your best year ever in Private Practice – join the Ninja Retreat

What if you were to start 2020, knowing exactly what your goals are for your practice, and have an actionable plan to met those goals?

As Clinicians, when we’re in the thick of it, we’re often too busy working IN the business, and not working ON the business ?

Taking time out, in a different geographical location, means you can literally give yourself the time and space to take a very conscious stock of the state of play of your Private Practice. You can brainstorm what needs to happen in order for your practice to flourish, develop your marketing strategy, and map out your practice next steps ✅ ✅

This works even better if you have a like-minded, clinical biz-chum (or chums) to bounce ideas off.

You can ‘CEO’ in the day, and then have fun in the evenings – there will be some decent ? and laughs after the day's work!

? That's why we launched the first-ever Ninja Business Weekend Retreat ?

The event ran from Friday the 15th of November, until first thing in the morning on Monday 18th of November (2019).

We held it at an amazing house in Faversham, Kent, just over an hour's direct train from London.

We'll be took Nine Ninjas, for some serious business fun, and I shared my tactics for Private Practice success.

It was a mix of like-minded people, who came away with a focused strategy for your Private Practice for 2020, knowing exactly how they would hit those goals they'd set on the retreat.

We invigorated and eager to take action! ?

What was included:

3 nights accommodation (own room), at a luxury Victorian property (‘Customs House’) in Faversham, Kent.

We met for lunch at the property at 12.30pm on Friday 15th of November, and departed will be 10am on Monday the 18th of November (if you need to whizz first thing, that’s fine too).

Really Delicious Food. All meals from lunch time on Friday, until Monday morning when were provided, by our private chef.

Wines and beers, teas and coffees, fruit juices and all drinkypoos.

Pick up and drop off at Faversham station.

One-to-one access to myself and Jules (tech and video Ninja), to solve biz and practical tech problems.

Time for exercise and sleeping – whichever was needed the most.

Strategic planning sessions, focused time for ‘doing the work’, and brainstorming with inspiring Clinicians.

 Customs House, Faversham:

Missed out on joining our Business Retreat? Then join us next time!

Sign up and be the first to know when we're running our next retreats and workshops! 

Thank you all for sharing your wisdom… really looking forward to all that 2020 will bring to all of us, especially you Ninjas!

Daniel Rollins

A brilliant weekend.. Thank you Dr Cath Spencer-Smith and Jules, so much clearer for the new year.

Vishal MadhaniVishal Madhani, Director, West 1 Physiotherapy

Fantastic weekend, learnt so much from the whole team, feeling very positive for 2020!

Ruth Smith, Complete-Pilates

Really enjoyed it, thank you Cath! I was worried when I saw so much unstructured time on the timetable, but actually it was brilliant to have time to get things done and to bounce ideas off each other. And lovely to meet all the folks I didn’t know, and to catch up with those I did.

Nell Mead, Nell Mead Physiotherapy

I attended the first Private Practice Ninja Business Retreat in Faversham in November 2019. What a brilliantly organised event this was with superb content. Yes, it was expensive and it meant that I was out of my business for 4 days, but it was worth every penny. I have learned so many useful things which will be of enormous value to my own business and to those of the other clinicians to whom I provide a service.

Sue Wilcox, The Medical Secretariat

I have come back from the first Ninja retreat joining the golden team that is Cath and Jules as well as meeting 8 others who aimed to develop and improve their businesses into the vision they started with. I can not put into words how valuable the experience has been. I have another boost of confidence in what I am doing and 10 further supporters that I know will continue to be there if I need help going forwards. There is no ego, only clear, open and honest communication. Fears and doubts were expressed but not judged and though often difficult decisions have to be made it felt so much easier with this team around you.

Davina Sherwood, Davina Sherwood Physiotherapy

Had such fun and finally feel like I have a hold on videos! Thank you!!

Helen O'Leary, Complete Pilates