Are you and your Private Practice still hiding from GDPR?

The GDPR May 25th compliance deadline has been and gone, and chances are, your clinic wasn’t raided by Interpol agents, and the earth didn’t swallow it up.

Are you breathing a sigh of relief that your compliance has all been sorted (and you’re ready to take on the next big adventure with your Private Practice?) Or, are you secretly hoping that no one will notice that you haven’t quite gotten around to it?

If you’re more in the latter scenario, maybe the following ring a bell…

“I reckon we’ve not too much to worry about. The ICO isn’t really coming after me, they’re deffo after the big boys, and besides, I know plenty of other Clinicians who haven’t got around to it either.”

“I had a go at using some online templates, but it all seems too convoluted and rather techy.”

“Surely not having a website means I’m OK, right?”

“I don’t believe anyone really understands the GDPR and there’s no chance I’m going have enough time to get my head around it either.”

“I’m not convinced there is a way to fix this. Most of the advice out there seems to be for corporates – written by commercial lawyers – and it doesn’t really apply to Private Practice.”

“I know I should be doing this, but I can’t be bothered because frankly I’ve got way too much on my plate.”

“I was a little worried for a while, but nothing seems to be happening, so I’ve decided to keep schtum.

Perhaps you’ve already attended a course or gone to a workshop, but maybe it left you feeling even more confused than when you started? Are you stuck for truly practical advice?

We get it.

In fact, we felt the same way. When we first looked into this, there was lots of legalese speak, but nobody actually told us how to go about implementing it.

And there is a solution.

Fuelled by our own GDPR frustration, we busted through all the jargon and found a way to make the legal and technical aspects of it work for our clients. We’ve now helped dozens of Physicians, Surgeons, Podiatrists, Physios and Osteos get GDPR legit too.

We can take you from OMG/can’t be ar**d/haven’t got the time, through to…


Data flow audit


Email encryption


Data security compliant.


Privacy notice.


Cookies policy.


Cookies pop up on the website.

In other words, all done.

Because we understand what everyday life is like in Private Practice, we’ve made the process as efficient as possible, requiring just a minimal amount of your time. In fact, we don’t even need to meet in person, and most of the work can be done over the phone and in your absence. That way, you can go back to doctoring, dry-needling, and sawing up bones (if that’s your thing), and breathe a sigh of relief that GDPR is one less thing you need to be thinking about.

You may be thinking, isn’t it going to be uber expensive to hire someone to do this for me?

We’ve made our process really cost-effective. If you’re looking for getting all the compliance paper work done (Data Flow Audit, Privacy Notice etc.), then the cost is typically, between £400-600, and if you need that plus a seamless Egress encryption system (which bypasses having to log into an app each and every time you use the encryption), it’s approx. £1,000 all-in. Finally, cookies and pop-ups (and helping you get that up on your website) is approx. £250.

We’ve seen so-called GDPR experts charge clinicians several thousands of pounds, and yet still give bad advice (for instance, it’s not a great idea to be using ‘consent’ as your lawful basis for processing data).

We recon we’re a complete bargain if you need it done and dusted.

Is it really a good use of your clinical time (when you consider your hourly rate), to be ‘having a go at it’, or would you rather be seeing patients?

Plus, you can put it all against tax. Sweet.

If you need help to get your Private Practice GDPR legit, get in touch now and let us help you get it all sorted…No more GDPR hide and seek!

Together we can grow your Private Practice.



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